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It was November 05, I discovered the amazing crashdiet! and Xmas morning, I tore open my rest in sleaze +2 cd!!, and there hasn't been a day goes by where I haven’t had crashdiet in my life, they give me a fire, make me wanna get laid! and make me wanna spread the word of this incredible band!!

It's unbelievable that this train ride stops now, like this...with the loss of such a talented singer/musician.
I hope their music, and the abundance of success this band/Dave were going to have/had, inspires the youth across the world, to rock hard and remember cool lyrics like "live fast, die young" should only be said as lyrics! It’s not cool dying young, and it leaves such a void.

Anyways, to Dave’s family, friends and band mates, my thoughts are with you all.


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