My hand, your hand, we're here for you. R.I.P Dave.

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14 years 1 month ago #155 by hydeist
I don't really know what to say. There are no words who can explain how incredible sorry i am.
I got so shocked when I on friday afternoon found out that Dave was dead, i didn't say a word on the rest of the day, i got so sad. I always thought about I wonder how the next album will be? When they will release anything new? When will they have a bigger concert in Gothenburg?. Most of the bands i'm listening to are atleast 10 years old, because mostly new bands don't give me the same affect of how good they are, so I was happy that i found a pretty new band, that i would be there to follow in their carreer.
The first time i heard Crashdïet was at Okejdagen on Liseberg last year, my friend said that "It's a band called Crashdïet who will play, they seem pretty cool" and I didn't pay much attention to that, but i went anyways..and just since they went up on stage I was stuck, those awesome hairs, Dave's sunglasses and Peter's pink bass. And when they started to play Riot in Everyone i just stared speechless, this was awesome, how could I ever miss a band like this? And since then i've followed the band's music, and it's one of my few favourites.

So, whatever happends next, Crashdïet will always, for me, be a great band, and without a doubt, the best of Sweden.

May you rest in Sleaze, David/Dave.[/color]

And Peter, Martin and Eric; take care of yourself. I didn't even know him as a person or friend like you did, but i'm still so sad. So i can't imagine your feelings right now. I just wish i could do something. We all miss him.

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