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14 years 1 month ago #153 by glitter43
~DAVE~ was created by glitter43
Hi, my name is Nicki.....i'm from thing i hate about all this is that i just discovered Crashdiet a few weeks ago...being from N America, we are practically told what to listen to by the media. I have never once stopped listening to Motley Crue , Skid Row etc and i NEVER WILL!!! I missed a whole year of Crashdiet! How can that be? From the very first song i heard, i couldn't handle it, i fell in love, the second song i heard , was even better..........i can honestly say i have never taken a liking to a band so quickly. Dave was amazing, it was just rock n roll like it should be, it doesnt matter if you dont hit the right note all the time , it was raw and real, and i can't believe he's gone....i wanted to hear more, i so wanted to hear more! I cannot compare my grief to you, the band members , friends and family...but when i fall in love , i fall hard , and this has been the worst weekend i can remember, i feel this tightness in my chest that won't go away...i have ordered your album,(the Japanese version actually, hoping to get extra songs), i ordered it on Jan 18, i was so excited,now i'm scared i won't be able to listen to it. But I will!!! I have to, it will be one of my all time favorite albums, how about that ? A young band from Sweden , a band that had not yet conquered America, a band i never met or will ever see live, up there with Gn'r and the Crue!

I really don't know what else to say, but i hope you Peter, Martin and Erik will go on in some form.Not necessarily Crashdiet, but keep this wonderful music going, i can see you all have the talent to go far, and in time i know you will. I also hope the Crashdiet website will stay up , i will need somewhere to go to relive the memories! I need to see those video clips, i have never seen the full versions though, i am wondering if they will ever be released as a DVD? That would be great! I wish you all nothing but happiness and success in the future. Keep that hair long!
Rest in PEACE Dave, i will always think of you, you got into my heart quickly, and will always be there for eternity, i will miss you.
..........thanks Peter , Martin and Erik for your music and re-opening the forum...Love you all too!
Love Nicki

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