Its a shame...

14 years 7 months ago #265 by jimmybang
Its a shame... was created by jimmybang
[size=84:8pl5617r]I didnt know the band well, Ive heard a few songs and loved them, but never got to see you play live...although I respect your decision not to continue, In some form or another...should'nt you?, dont you think Dave would have wanted you too?(no disrespect intended)

...we have all suffered a great loss with his passing and I hope that somehow his talent and personality will continue on...
My prayers are with you, the band, and his family and friends
R.I.P dave....
[/size].YOU RHOK!!!

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14 years 7 months ago #287 by mizztragedy
Replied by mizztragedy on topic Its a shame...
I never got to see them live either. Cuz when they played I never had the money for the ticket or trip to wherever they where palying. I think they should release a live DVD or soething, but that's up to Martin, Peter and Eric.

I will miss ya Dave.

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14 years 7 months ago #294 by viper
Replied by viper on topic Its a shame...
I saw quite a few conserts, and they were all ever so good!
I used to stand as close to the stage as you could possibly get and I used to have bruises everywhere from being pushed against the stage. I can hardly think of anything that awesome.. Since they used to play at small places, such as clubs and stuff, it was so intimate.
You really got close to the band. Could touch them, look them in the eye.
I hope Crashdïet knows, that they were Gods up there.

Dave lit the stage as if though he was the Sun himself.
He always seemed on top of the world,
if he would have been a mountain he would have been Everest.
This is why, though I've cried a thousand painful tears,
I know that you are immortal. You will never be gone.
Musicians are heroes.
Musicians are heroes.

I miss him so much, I've lit candles in church and on "Plattan" and such, and an article I wrote on this will be published soon.
it hurts not only because of the loss of someone I truly admired
but also because I can't stop thinking of how much pain a person needs to go through before doing what he did to himself.

I pray for you, Darling.
And I know that you are safe now,
an other shining star in Rock 'n' Roll Heaven
And so close to God.

I'll see you in a bit. /E

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