First of all I wanna thank you for all your nice comments, get well greetings and all that! It means alot to me, really. Thank you! Secondly I'd like to talk about my sleep again (so feel free to close your browser now if you're already tired of reading about that haha!). Last Saturday I missed my flight because I didn't wake up in time despite a crazy amount of alarms. The reason is that I was completely exhausted because this whole month has been hysteric. I also maybe drank a little too much just before bed time but that was mostly because I wanted to be safe that I'd be able to sleep... And sleep I did... But what the hell, I've been drunk before but still gotten up on time. That's part of my job, I'm an expert on that :). But for the last 2 nights I've hardly been able to sleep at all, I've been a total wreck because of that, obviously, not been able to do anything productive at all and I haven't had the energy to keep in touch with basically anyone (as you've probably noticed on this blog page as well :P). Now when I actually had two days for a complete rest, why didn't it work? Yes - I should go to the doctor and get a bunch of awesome pillz, I even have free medical care for another year or so (because I've spent so much money on them in the past haha, sometimes Sweden is awesome) but I'm too tired to even pull that off! And on my good days I have other things to worry about than if I might get insomnia again or not haha! :) I'm like a dog nowadays, just living in the moment, but maybe that's not only good hehe. However, don't get me wrong here. Except my problems with my sleeping patterns I'm feeling good and I'm so thrilled about the future and I even enjoy the present a lot more than i used to do in the past. I know that I'm gonna need some rest and some time off soon, though, and I will find the time for that eventually, no worries :). But before I do anything else I need some decent sleep for god's sake :O! I hope it'll work this time. I'll update you in the morning :) Good night. //LONDON