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Interview: Sakis Nikas, Yiannis Dolas Guys, first time in Greece. How do you feel about it?

Eric Young: Fucking awesome or as Simon would say: “Fucking Beautiful”! We are having a good time. “Generation Wild” is out now. What can you tell us about it?

Martin Sweet: We worked really hard on this record…so far the reviews I’ve been reading are really positive and the fans have taking on the album really well…it feels great. In comparison with the two previous records of yours, what’s the main difference of “Generation Wild”?

Eric Young: It’s all the blood, sweat and tears that we shed during the making of “Generation Wild”. The first album, “Rest In Sleaze”, was done really quickly…it was hard to make it…assemble the loose parts of it and building the huge monster that people can’t get enough of. This time we were more focused and it is actually something that happens almost automatically…when you’ve been around for some time and tour with certain people, live with them, get to know them…then, you work far better and the good result is obvious. When you listen to the album, you can notice that every single detail is well-crafted. Many people here in Greece seem to take notice again to the band after a small interval with your second album. The title track of the new album is being played everywhere…

Eric Young: Welcome back, Greece (laughs)! I think that with this album we tried to simplify things and return to a much basic style, like we had done with “Rest In Sleaze”. We tried to write songs that were honest and not so complicated. In my opinion, “Generation Wild” is like “Rest In Sleaze”…simple, in your face and pure hard rock! Simon, how did you end up with these guys?

Simon Cruz: We spoke actually for the first time, right after Dave (Lepard) had passed away…at the time I was in another band…I wasn’t available. So, after things didn’t work out with my previous band, I heard that Crashdiet were looking for a singer…I called Martin did the audition and then went out with him and had a couple of drinks. I got the job and everything worked out really well…the magic was there!…and just when you thought that these guys are great, they have you killed in the first video!

Simon Cruz: (laughs)

Eric Young: We wanted to show our appreciation (laughs)!

Simon Cruz: Well, it’s a tough job! Well, the concept for that first video is really a combination of various ideas…the torture, I think, shows society’s oppression on one’s life…a society that doesn’t want us to live our lives the way we really want. That led to another concept of the video, the Generation Wild concept. We have this girl who is part of the Generation Wild and tries to live out her fantasies. It’s the combination of the real with the virtual world. The Generation Wild that clashes with the rules of society. “Rest In Sleaze” is regarded as a milestone record for hard rock n roll. Did you expect that it would have such an impact and what’s really the special element of that album?

Eric Young: Of course, you don’t know what’s gonna happen with an album. We were sure that we got in our hands something special but you don’t really know how people will react to it.

Martin Sweet: I remember that everybody in the Stockholm area thought of the songs on the album as being brilliant! Everybody liked the attitude and the sound of “Rest In Sleaze”.

Eric Young: I know that here in Greece but also in Italy people say that “Rest In Sleaze” is the “Appetite For Destruction” of the 21st century. I don’t know…it’s fun to hear to such comments! It really warms your heart. In your opinion, why do you think there are so many and successful bands in Sweden from various musical genres?

Simon Young: Maybe it’s the cold (Laughs)! You sit around, you have nothing to do, grab a guitar, write a song…here you have it! That’s an answer (laughs)! I don’t really know…

Martin Sweet: You have to move your hands to be warm!

Peter London: That’s why everybody plays so fast these days… How about your favorite albums of all time…?

Simon Cruz: Skid Row’s first album.

Peter London: “Appetite For Destruction” changed my life! It’s just perfect.

Martin Sweet: “Appetite…” is definitely one of them…but I’d say a KISS album…probably “Creatures of the Night”.

Eric Young: I’d say Nirvana’s “Nevermind”. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Nirvana.


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