RIS Festival Flyer

 In memory of Dave Lepard we have decided to participate in the last edition of the Rest In Sleaze Festival , held by Dave's mom Lisbeth. We will perform as a trio with some very special guests!

Additionally, Peter London and Martin Sweet will perform with their side projects Alter Egon and Sweet Creature.

Tikkets available here :

Hope to see you there!


dietlogo trans hemsida


We are proud to inform you that we have started our own record label - DÏET RECORDS.

This is a chance for us to release rare CRASHDÏET-related music, as well as our own side projects.

Our first release will the debut album by Martin Sweet's new band Sweet Creature!

Pre-Order Link:


Other releases to look forward to:
CRASHDÏET - Live in Sleaze 2005 (Album)
CRASHDÏET - Illegal rarities vol.2 (EP)
Alter Egon - Debut (EP)

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Pre-Order your copy now :


London is still working on the design here... be patient :)




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