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Dear crashdiet fans
There is a reason for our lack of news lateley. The reason for that is that Simon Cruz has left CRASHDÏET. Well, actually he decided to leave in the midst of our mini tour in Japan… With no notice what so ever.
The last few months have been confusing to say the least and we haven’t been sure of what to make of this… other than that our collaboration with Simon is over.
However… The recording of the new album will proceed as planned and you can expect hear more from us soon!
Yours truly
Martin, Peter and Eric

We will finally come to Japan in January!

Get your tickets here:

Buy your tickets today!
Oct 15th:
Oct 16th:

We can’t wait to hit the stage again at Skogröjet on August 2:nd!

If you still haven’t bought tickets, do it HERE
See you there!




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  • Happy Bunnies
    peterlondon peterlondon 2 days ago
    Hihi :). I remember this night as well, which is kind of amazing since I usually don't remember ...
  • Happy Bunnies
    mrs v. viper mrs v. viper 3 days ago
    I remember that night so well haha. I had a conplete panic attack during HCSS' set, We had great chats ...
  • Happy Bunnies
    peterlondon peterlondon 4 days ago
    Classic! :D