I arrived in Copenhagen quite early, and the first thing I did was to seek "The Rock".
It's about 1 km away from the midstation and very easy to find... And I got lost
(of course! :S) and circled around the place very close for ages.. until suddenly
it was there. :D

The venue is one of those rock places that seem to die out more and more these
days, with black substances (lets call it dirt, cause that's what it is) on the ground
that will stick on your shoes forever. I loved it.

I was a bit dissappointed about the introduction, it was a little like "hmmm, ok we
had the countdown, and the free drinks.. what next? hmm... Oh, well now that those
guys from sweden are here..let them play." All in all there were a few things that
could have went better in my opinion.

A lot of people were there mainly to celebrate new year and not so much to see a
band.. so there were not that many people who really got into it and celebrated
CRASHDÏET and asked for an encore. And Martin had some problems.. (seemed
like a wire was brocken or something, and he was PISSED!!)

But honestly!! What a great Band that is. What you can read in a lot of reviews
when it was good is that sentence "the band played passionatly." I really have
seen a lot of good concerts..through all kinds of musical genres. But I haven't
seen something like this. Although the circumstances weren't the best you could
still see how much they love what they're doing. Other people would have just
went through the set by then but they still put passion in it. And if they didn't..
well then they are at least very good actors. That really touched me.

They dedicated Out of Line to Dave, that was really nice and it sounded very honest
when Simon said that he is honored that he can sing it today, not jus like something
he would say because he has to. I know your especually interested in that guy, so I'm
going to say something about him.

1. Damn, that guy can sing!!
2. Simon Cruz is a fucking ROCKSTAR!! I've never seen someone that charismatic
before. He came on stage on High Heels and with all those chainz and stuff hanging
on him and it was completly natural. He don't has to make a big show to be entertainig
he is just a fucking circus himself and I mean that in the best possible way. Off stage
he just seemed to fill more room than everyone else, its scary what a presence that
man has.

I didn't expect them to be that close live.. after all it was only the 3. show with Simon,
but he blends in just perfectly. I liked the things he said as well.. He really has
something to say and doesn't talk just randomly because thats his job and I really
liked that. I really can't imagine a better frontman.

To shorten things up:

I can't remember a more inspiring concert and I have really seen hundreds...and a
lot of good ones too. I jaust can't get that night out of my head. I'm even more
obsessed with that band now. I am glad I was there to see them and the only thing
I was dissappointet at was myself because my shyness stood in my way as usually
(and that really kinda sucks when you're alone in the middle of a celebrating mass
and it got worse after the first people I tried to speak weren't exactly the right
ones :S )

I really wanted to thank the band in person, but when I managed to pick up the rest
of my shattered self esteem to talk to them it was to late and Eric and Martin
where nowhere to be found and Simon.. well, he just scares the hell outta me :D in
a good way though. I'm glad I cuaght at least Peter for a second and was able to say
thank you to him (but he probably doesn't even remember).

So I want to take the opportunity to shout out a HUGE THANK YOU!!!!!!!!to
the band now. Thanks for doing what you do and giving me a memory I can
always think off with a smile.

random details:
-I adore Simon for not falling off those high heels :D
-They all looked sooooooo awesome!!!!!
-Martin played the ESP during the whole time (I'm a little obsessed by that guitar :))
- I wanted one of those picks so badly..and I didn't get one :(
- I LOOOOOOVE my New year shirt
- I have enough from cold railwaystations for the rest of my life!!

and about bound to fall: It's not boring, it's damn catchy!! I hummed the
melody through the whole night.