The big, and by big, I mean massive, album this month has got to be the new, Frontiers released, Crash Diet CD "Generation Wild". With the departure of Oliver Twisted (back to the ranks of Reckless Love) the band have recruited Simon Cruz to the fold and recorded what is, probably, their finest album to date and the best album I've heard, so far, this year. After the tragic suicide of original singer Dave Leppard the band bounced back with the unsurprisingly dark "The Unattractive Revolution", an album that gained them many plaudits. This new album sees them lighten their mood and prove that they are Sweden's premier Glam/Sleaze band, bar none. If the Reckless Love and Crazy Lixx albums were good, and they are bloody good, then this one beats them hands down. It's got eleven of the most catchy, irresistible, hard-rockin' songs you are gonna hear this year. Their new vocalist has slotted in nicely and sits somewhere between Mike Tramp and original singer Dave Leppard. If the Crue had recorded this album in the eighties it would have been huge. The songs themselves are monstrous! The likes of "Armageddon", "Generation Wild" and "Down With The Dust" (how White Lion is this one?) are super charged, Glam anthems of the highest order. Their softer side emerges on the likes of "Save Her" and the exquisite "Beautiful Pain" whilst the likes of "Native Nature" and "Chemical" are slices of sleaze that the Crue would be proud of. If you loved the eighties Glam scene, then you'll love this to death. Awesome! 
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