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The Unattractive Revolution (6/10)

After recruiting a new singer CrashDïet is back with the high anticipated follow up to the amazing "Rest in Sleaze" - perhaps the best Sleaze/Glam album in 10 years.

Prior to album release both In the Raw and Like a Sin has been pushed as teasers. The songs definitely rank among album highlights, where Like a Sin is Riot in Everyone part II - just listen to the intro and riff.

Two prominent rockers have helped CrashDïet out. Former Alice Cooper guitarist Ryan Roxie resides in Sweden and he co-wrote the lyrics for Falling Rain. The music is great, but I am not too fond of the high notes that singer Olliver Twisted hits.

Mick Mars from Mötley Crüe co-wrote and plays on two tracks. I Don't Care is the most successful, but the song lacks a catchy chorus. The other Mars composition Alone suffers from a horrible chorus, which just repeats the line "I can be the one alone".

Guitarist Martin Sweet fires off sleazy riffs on Thrill Me, but the chorus is absolute awful. The overall impression is disappointing since most songs are just plain standard.

Sweet´s melodic signature riff for Overnight is a glowing example of the path that CrashDïet should have followed. The bouncing XTC Overdrive has similar feel that characterized the "Rest in Sleaze" album. The skew riff is ala Knokk you Down but XTC Overdrive is just okay but not fantastic, which is symptomatic for the album.

"The unattractive Revolution" lacks hits and quality since it only has a handful decent tracks. The album doesn't have enuff earhangers. Die Another Day is the best song, since it has a swaggering beat and get-outta-my-way attitude.

The songs are heavier and have a harder edge compared to "Rest in Sleaze". CrashDiet have transformed from being a full blown Sleaze band into a traditional and more anonymous Hard Rock band.

Overall the songs are just weaker than "Rest in Sleaze". The material doesn't have the melodic appeal and catchiness as on their first album. The production is more organic with Kevin Churko (Ozzy Osbourne) responsible for the mix.

CrashDiet has the right people and set up behind them to make a worldwide breakthrough. If I am not mistaken they have to wait till the next album to conquer other territories beside Scandinavia.

The future still looks bright though since this is a transition album. CrashDiet should consider bringing in more co-writers and secure better and catchier material for their next release. I would love this band Back on Trakk.

"The Unattractive Revolution" is far from convincing, but still an acceptable release.

Written by Michael
Friday, October 12, 2007
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Michael: 6/10


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