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The Unattractive Revolution



As many know Crashdiet suffered a major blow after original singer Dave Lepard committed suicide in early 2006. The remaining members opted to disband, but later rejoined forces and invited Finnish vocalist H. Olliver Twisted into the fold.

Twisted has a unique voice and brings a completely different sound to the sleaze genius that is Crashdiet. There’s something about this Swedish band that puts them so far ahead of their contemporaries: the songwriting is better, the musicianship is better, the entire package is just better.

Immediate standout tracks are “Falling Rain” and “Alone.” Both songs use interesting tempo changes providing a nice juxtaposition for the thematic quality of each track. Of course, absolutely blazing guitar solos don’t hurt either.

Mick Mars of Motley Crue lent his guitar prowess to the band, and his playing is top notch on both “I Don’t Care” and “Alone.” If Crashdiet are working to make exquisite glam guitar solos their calling card, then asking Mr. Mars to hop a plane to Sweden was a wise move.

Twisted proves he can harmonize with the rest of the band on “Overnight.” A deep bass line is present here, adding an extra layer of depth to an already gritty song. “Overnight” is a song with a big chorus, but very jarring lyrics. Crashdiet are smart songwriters and understand the importance of wordplay when creating top notch lyrics. Also, the song features an excellent guitar solo by Martin Sweet. He is so good he deserves a spot on the cover of Guitar World. It’s time to invite the lovely Swedes to the U.S. -- I know I would embrace them with open arms.

Finally, I also have a proof of the liner notes. The book is beautifully dark, a perfect match for the music. Crashdiet’s debut Rest in Sleaze is one of the best glam releases ever recorded. For The Unattractive Revolution the band clearly decided to move in a more Metal direction, and it works: the songs are sonically amazing, but downright dirty. Don’t except to hear as many pop-oriented hooks as on Rest in Sleaze; Twisted has a different voice than Lepard and edgier tunes work best with Crashdiet 2.0.

Crashdiet are offering a pre-sale promotion for The Unattractive Revolution. If you order through the band will sign your disc.

Here’s the video for “In the Raw,” the first single from The Unattractive Revolution.


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