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The Unattractive Revolution (4/5)

This has to be one of my most anticipated CD’s not only for me but also for sleaze metal fans around the world. I got a call at work from my wife saying the new CRASHDÏET CD came in and I was anxious all day, all kinds of thoughts and emotions filled my being.

I heard some of the early demo material that my buddy Martin Sweet sent me and loved it, but those were demos and CRASHDÏET was still looking for a replacement for the Great One Dave Lepard (RIP). Well CRASHDÏET found that person in Oliver Twisted (RECKLESS LOVE) and CRASHDÏET lives on.

I want to express that when listening to the CD that you have to put your feeling aside and try not to compare Twisted to Dave Lepard. This is a new era in CRASHDÏET’s evolution so look to the future with these boys.

First off, you can’t deny the great songwriting by the boys; every song has killer chords and hooks which make them standout. When I was talking to Martin, I asked him, ‘What it is like writing without Dave?’ his answer was, ‘I still use the same secret magical technique we used together.’

“In The Raw” starts thing off in true CRASHDÏET style with riveting hooks, great catchy chords and the vocals being a little raspy but fitting perfectly in the CRASHDÏET mold. The boys still hold tight with the fantastic harmonies which are a key element to success.

“Like A Sin” keeps the ball rolling as they kick it up a notch driving home another fierce shredding tune, the song just elevates and the chorus is outstanding, Martin goes off the hook.

“Falling Rain” is one of my personal favorite songs and should be a number one song on the Swedish Charts very soon. It rocks yet has a softer side of melodic rhythms. Twisted does one helluva job which is not easy trying to win over CRASHDÏET fans and this is just one example of great musicians collaborating in harmony.

When London, Martin & Young hook up with the harmonies and background vocals throughout the CD makes the songs run smooth and you can hear the excitement on “Alone” that also features Mick Mars of MÖTLEY CRUE. “Alone” is not your typical style CRASHDÏET power tune, its more melodic yet still adds the power of Mars guitar which makes the song heavier. If I had to give a comparison of Ollie’s voice, I would say he’s on the same wave as Joe Elliot of DEF LEPPARD.

“XTC Overdrive” is one of those arena songs that will have crowd participation and is another high profile tune that rocks your socks off and check the pipes on Oliver, Damn!!!

Listening over and over again Ollie fits CRASHDÏET and I see no reason that success isn’t just a step away. The CD is excellent, just a notch below “Rest In Sleaze.”

Note: Rumors before the new release of “The Unattractive Revolution” are completely untrue that Twisted left the band as you can see by the tour dates on their official site; I would like to thank Martin Sweet for thanking our site and me on the new record. I can’t wait for guys to hit the US shores!!!


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