Paula's Avatar Paula - 10:16

Team Crashdiet is alive :D

Paula's Avatar Paula - 10:07

Hello again, people :D Here I am! :D

frokker's Avatar frokker - 03:13

Anything new from the band?

peterlondon's Avatar peterlondon - 22:29

@dr. feelgood it was pretty quiet here for a while, just started re-building the whole page... welcome back my friend :)

dr. feelgood's Avatar dr. feelgood - 22:18

It has been a while since the last time I visited this page but good to see it is quite alive !

Hey Peter I just sent you a PM! :)

Done! Thank you! :D :D

peterlondon's Avatar peterlondon - 19:24

@SaraLondonLepard Done! :)

SaraLondonLepard's Avatar KerLondonLepard - 16:31

Done! Thank you so much! :P

peterlondon's Avatar peterlondon - 16:17

@KerLondonLepard send me a PM (you'll find the PM link in the forum) with the username you want to change to and I'll do this for you :P

SaraLondonLepard's Avatar KerLondonLepard - 00:44

Can I change my username? I don't think so...:/

SaraLondonLepard's Avatar KerLondonLepard - 00:40

Happy to see so much people here :)

SaraLondonLepard's Avatar KerLondonLepard - 00:37

Hello guys! :)

peterlondon's Avatar peterlondon - 00:21

hey axl white & welcome back :P

peterlondon's Avatar peterlondon - 00:02

@Sheila I don't know either hehe but I will find out tomorrow :). @paxhell welcome back! (y)

Sheila's Avatar Sheila - 23:21

yeah, i logged in to check it. I kinda understood a bit this time. xD but i wonder where the last Sheila came from haha

peterlondon's Avatar peterlondon - 23:18

As long as night reading mode is turned on :P

peterlondon's Avatar peterlondon - 23:18

Now we have 3 Sheila's logged in too. Are you also on Tapatalk now? :P. I will deal with this issue tomorrow. Anyways... I like Tapatalk's new design better actually....

Dave_Cruz's Avatar Dave_Cruz - 23:15

Thanks for your answer!!! :)

Sheila's Avatar Sheila - 23:12

haha! i'm not really friends with tapatalk. ive used it before for another forum, but it changed its design so i stopped using it xD

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    Hihi :). I remember this night as well, which is kind of amazing since I usually don't remember ...
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    I remember that night so well haha. I had a conplete panic attack during HCSS' set, We had great chats ...
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    Classic! :D
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    One of the songs that got me into this wonderful band!
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    Lindo! te amo te amo muitoooooo
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