CRASHDÏET in the studio, recording the new album.

Thanx to Micke Johansson



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    • Any Americans on here?
    • Hey Eadu :). Two weeks to the US sounds slightly longer than average but still too early to feel...
    • 5 hours 59 minutes ago
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    • A bit of silliness.
    • I've never had a fear of making a fool of myself in public. So I will confess the two week long...
    • 16 hours 50 minutes ago
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    • Introduce Yourself
    • Quote: ...Though I doubt this is what our forefathers intended... No, I'm sure that's exactly what they had...
    • 1 week 3 hours ago
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    • Rest In Sleaze Festival 2016
    • [attachment] In memory of Dave Lepard we have decided to participate in the last edition of the...
    • 3 weeks 1 hour ago
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    • Website issue???
    • Yes - it was only on that final page. When I was on my initial order page, it showed the total in...
    • 3 weeks 2 days ago