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New Years Eve Part III


London’s New Years Resolution

* Drink less beer, but drink white wine & booze instead (because of the high amount calories in beer)

And that’s it, otherwise I’m happy with things just the way they are.

You’ll hear more from us tomorrow!

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New Years Eve Part II

Finally – time for the first drink of the day – a big glass of wine:

Still awaiting the special guests for tonight though, they’ll be here in two hours or so.
Isabel is still cooking, I’m… well… blogging and stuff… :).

Maybe I should start doing something more helpful. Will pop back in soon!

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New Years Eve Part I

Today it’s new years eve and I’ve spent my day doing some much needed cleaning, while my wife did all the cooking. I forsee an amazing evening beacuse we’re going to have some fancy guests, in the form of Mr. an Mrs. Martin Sweet, over.

Now it’s time for me to take a shower and try and get all dolled up. If Im succesfull you might get to see some pictures of our new years decadence later!!

See ya

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London’s Christmas Part III

It seems like I’m partly responsible for the table decoration, as I’m cutting christmas hearts for the moment:
Maybe something we can sell in the webshop for next year’s christmas haha.

It’s almost time for donald duck (a Swedish tradition) then food I guess! But first some glögg!!! (mulled wine)

Hope you’re having a nice time – I sure do!

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London’s Christmas Part II

Merry christmas dear readers!!! Here I am, in the perfect christmas mood, getting ready for celebration :).

Woke up early today and had saffron buns for breakfast  & receieved my first christmas gift – the I AM OZZY book!
I’m a huge fan of Ozzy and I can’t wait to read it!

Pop in later for more updates & photos. See ya!

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London’s Christmas Part I

Just arrived to my in-laws big beautiful house in helsingborg! We arrived about 4 hours late due to some flight chaos but everything is positive and it’s really really nice to be here!

This is Gabrielle, who’s, except for the dog, the youngest member of the family:
(Hon är också familjens retligaste)

Well I do not really know yet what’s up for tomorrow but I know that I will blog as often as I possibly can!

Goodnite people!

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Travelling Times Again


But this time for pleasure only, not business and pleasure. :)

Me and my wife are going to my in-laws to celebrate christmas! They are the most wonderful people in the world so i’m really looking forward to it.

Must board the plane now but I’ll be back a little later!

Cheers everybody.


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London’s day in photos

A short summary of yesterdays christmas shopping!

Little London waiting for the subway, yes it is damn cold

Wisely enough todays shopping starts here! (Swedish liquor store, frequently visited by everyone (that I know, at least))

Happy London eats the best cannelloni he’s ever had, together with the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen (his wife).

Then we headed for the second last stop on this round which was a music store that I happen to not like at all (4 sound) but it was the closest one at the moment.

At least they had managed to put up a Hardcore Superstar poster!
although I did not really get the connection with the “live & unsigned” thing

Feeling stronger than ever for the last stop for today – the gym!!!

But after just 10 min cross trainer (warm up), leg press 3*12, squats with kettlebell  3*12, lunges 3*12 on each leg, standing calf press 3*12, crunches 4*10, side bridge 4*10, crunch twist 3*25, reverse crunch 3*15, weighted crunch 1*15 & medecine ball crunch 1*15, I passed out

Woke up, took a shower, went home and went to bed. Haha.

There you go!

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Tour Posters

Sticky Fingerz was the first venue on this tour who had the courage to use our brand new tour poster!

100% Martin Sweet designed. Awesome stuff.

What’s up for today then, well I’ll actually go christmas shopping together with my wife but I slept for way too long so I’m in a extreme rush now, which makes me think of this beautifully designed button :

It says “Panic” in swedish, and they had those at our hotel in Karlskoga…

I would really need this sort of button at everywhere I go to… Hope I find a few today, in the inner-city-christmas-hysteria…

See ya later!

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