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Finally I got the inner silence to listen to Crashdiet's new song :) Most has already been said here, I like the new song although I think it isn't "THE best" song of the new album. I would have expected "Falling rain" as first single to be honest. Because this is a song that many fans already know and obviously like. Maybe it would have been a softer way to introduce the "new" sound?

The lyrics....oh well, they are nice! But Dave knew how to put a deeper meaning into the lyrics. The "In the raw"-lyrics are meant to entertain and put you into a good mood, and they do well! But they have no intention to make you think, they don't carry a deeper message. Dave's lyrics did.

EDIT: After listening a few more times, the song gets more and more catchy! But still I'm convinced that the album has some more highlights to offer ;)

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FireflySt1 wrote:

Bananskal wrote: (...) gets better the more i listen to it haha.

Definately... First it's a little bit strange, but if you replay it, it's getting better and better!

I agree with you and Bananskal too. Love the song :twisted:

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