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[ALBUM REVIEW] Rust (RAWMUSICTV) was created by peterlondon
By AC SPEED (RAWMUSICTV) (2019-09-10)

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RUST is the iconic CRASHDÏET sound we’ve longed for...the Kings Of Sleaze have returned...

The story of CRASHDÏET is one of turmoil, struggle, success, and heartbreak. From the very beginning you can almost picture a distorted opening title sequence to a dramatic Hollywood Film set in the vibrant and destructive streets of the 80s Glam Metal scene in Los Angeles, where Motley Crue ruled the road on charged up choppers, and Guns N Roses caused riots among the broken glass that littered The Whiskey. As with most aspects of life, a traumatic past often warrants a desire to move forward and forget the past, but CRASHDÏET’s history is too important to ignore. Their full story simply must be acknowledged when we consider the heart and passion felt throughout Rust, their latest record. Not to mention the impact they’ve had on the music scene. One of the few bands that can create hysteria among their followers.

Ask anyone where they were the first time they heard Rest In Sleaze and you can almost guarantee that 99% of people will be able to recount a story of when they fell in love with 4 young Hair Metal hellraisers from Stockholm, Sweden. The now-iconic black, white and red album cover that embodied the very soul of sleaze at the time has become a benchmark LP that many have tried to replicate, yet all have failed to capture the essence of what makes CRASHDÏET such a beloved band. Although a horrific and tragic part of their story came very early on, the loss of singer and founding member, Dave Lepard, who is now immortalized as the King Of Sleaze in the hearts of many CRASHDÏET fans, no doubt devastated the Swedish group and is most likely a scar that still runs deep in the veins of Martin, Peter, and Eric. However, this would set CRASHDÏET onto a path of inspiration and destruction that has ultimately shaped them into who they are today.

RUST doesn’t just represent a new record for CRASHDÏET, it represents rebirth, it represents dedication, it represents passion and forgiveness with the ability to let go of the old and embrace the new, which is quite honestly one of the hardest things you can do, especially with something as precious as your band, your music, your legacy. CRASHDÏET have had to make some extremely difficult decisions to get to where they are today. From an unexpected departure with Olli Herman after just one record, the very same record that became the successor to Rest In Sleaze, and vocalist to take on Dave’s role, which could not have been an easy transition for the band to deal with so soon after an already tragic event. To what seemed like a solid relationship with 3rd vocalist, Simon Cruz who seemed to take on the role as frontman with ease and powered through 2 impressive records, Generation Wild and The Savage Playground, only to leave the band high and dry yet again without a voice.

Few bands have had to endure this type of hardship or adversity during such a short space of time, many would have given up, and this alone is a true testament to the ongoing dedication and passion displayed by Martin, Eric, and Peter when it comes to CRASHDÏET. It’s this very passion in the face of decimation that divides none and unites us all. This is the very same passion you’ll find in the heart of every single CRASHDÏET follower. CRASHDÏET know they have a dedicated following, a following that very few artists will ever get to experience. CRASHDÏET don’t give up on us, and we don’t give up on CRASHDÏET. We stand by them, and when you listen to RUST, this will instantly become apparent. Just to be clear, this is not a sympathetic vote, this is an acknowledgment to a group of musicians that have shown nothing but dignity and integrity in the face of a distorted destiny.

With a roster of such impressive singers over the years, new blood Gabriel Keyes was certainly brave taking on the role of vocal leader, he’s young, fresh, and seemingly hungry for the part. His energetic attitude is second only to his perfectly matched raw and powerful voice. You can even picture him snarling in the studio during recording. You can’t help but think his enthusiastic energy alone has helped to inject new life into the Swedish Sleaze Kings. Throughout the entire record, Keyes demonstrates not just amazing control of his vocals, but also vicious passion ripped into every single track. He has truly done this album justice, and more. Dave would be proud. However, this audio attitude is held up by some of the most aggressive riffs we’ve heard so far from CRASHDÏET.

Opening track RUST might seem like a nod to Dr. Feelgood and the height of power on the record, but the second offering, INTO THE WILD is nothing short of an epic Hair Metal anthem. It’s extremely difficult for a band to hold their image and their composure with constant line-up changes. Most bands lose their appeal and simply fall by the wayside and are forgotten, Gabriel Keyes has helped to merge the flames of this once anguished outfit into a pure version of what CRASHDÏET should have become in the first place, an unstoppable, untouchable, aggressive, powerful Metal Band. Such high expectations have been building up to the new beginning of the Kings Of Sleaze and RUST has once again returned the crown to the ones that deserve it the most.

Production-wise, guitarist Martin Sweet has yet again proved his ability to transform works of art into masterpieces. Filth and Flowers sees CRASHDÏET return to their iconic sound, as does this entire record, but it’s bigger, louder, and more heartfelt than ever. This is the CRASHDÏET we’ve all come to know and love, this is the CRASHDÏET that have once again secured their legacy as the iconic leaders of Sleaze.

RUST is a new and very welcome chapter in the never-ending story of CRASHDÏET, a story we hope continues with the current line up and aggression. This record will blow your mind and fill you with Rest In Sleaze nostalgia bringing with it a new edge we haven’t heard before. WAITING FOR YOUR LOVE will have you in tears, PARASITE will have you punching walls, FILTH & FLOWERS will have you reaching for hairspray. This record is perfect.

CRASHDÏET are back and their message is clear, they will never die, they will never give up, and they will ALWAYS be on top.

It’s A Miracle they made it this far, but they’re Back on Trakk and their Legion is alive. All hail the Kings Of Sleaze...

Gabriel, Martin, Eric, and Peter...Welcome the fuck back! You killed it!

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