Rest In Sleaze, Dave

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Rest In Sleaze, Dave was created by joey_dk
Man... This is tough. I never knew any of you guys, never had the chance to see you live or anything. I got to know this Friday afternoon as a friend told me. This was the absolute last thing I had ever expected him to tell me. I was in shock. I don't know much about you guys, but I can honestly say that the first time I heard one of your songs (Knokk 'Em Down) I was sold. I'm just 17, a Danish girl, I only like and respect old bands, but here was a new band that poured gasoline on my fire!! I was so much looking forward to following your career and being among the early fan squad since I never had a chance to be that with any of my other fav bands. I got to know you through Sweden Rock Magazine and thought I ought to check you out. And I was knocked clean off my feet!! I can't believe... You've only released one album!!

Dave seemed so incredibly passionate. It was so easy to see on pictures. His attitude sure told people not to mess around with him and had I shown a pic of him to my mom or someone like her, they would immediately have judged him as one of those "bad boys", ya know? But I always thought there was something in his eyes that strayed away from that.
You guys had formed a band that gave me and many other Metal fans hope. I'm a guitarist myself and this is the kind of band I'd like to have in the future. I guess that's one reason why it hit me so hard, 'cause I can identify with you guys.
As we all know, the music world plainly sucks big time these days.

I must admit I couldn't help shedding a tear when I heard it, my idols are like brothers on a higher level to me. But artists thrive on pain and this caused me to catch an extreme inspiration. For the first time I dared picking up my guitar to try and write some stuff myself. And so far it's going very well. I never thought I was good enough for that. But you never know before you try. Thanx Dave...
I also made this memorial for him that I really, really wish I could show everyone, especially the rest of the band. But... This will take very long to get over. I don't know how much more I can really say about this. Except one last thing.

Eric, Martin and Peter, you were the ones who knew Dave, I can't and won't dare speaking for him. I understand that you ain't gonna continue with the band. I will not be surprised if you feel bad just by picking up your instrument. I don't know how or why Dave passed away. But some time in the future when you feel you've accepted the fact that he's gone, when you've gotten over the loss, (which you may never will), please consider getting back in a band again and play for us. Maybe not the same band, it could be three different. But you are awesome musicians and though I don't know, I can't believe Dave deep in his heart wanted you to lose all this because of him. At least do it for Dave. Don't let his death be in vain. I'm very confident we'll all be here for you whenever that time will come...

Rest In Sleaze, Dave.
May your soul find peace wherever it belongs...

Nynne, Denmark

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