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14 years 1 month ago #146 by panurge
<sigh> was created by panurge
Ah, well...

I was hoping my first post here would be to invite the band to make their American debut in Atlanta (nice to know I'm not the only American here, BTW), where the wildly successful local hard-rock live-band karaoke night is about to start booking real bands in addition to the karaoke. Now that'll never happen... :(

Anyway, my condolences go out to the band and Dave's family and friends. I understand if Peter, Martin, and Eric feel they can't go on as Crash Diet, because I do kinda know what they're going through, but I really, really hope they carry on in some form with the same style and spirit. Dudes, I know this is gonna sound really odd to say about a bunch of Beautiful Glam Duudz In Spandex , but what you've been doing is, in some small way, important. Popular music groups are, and have been for decades, the emblems of a culture's aspirations, and I'd much rather we aspired toward being Crash Diet than toward being, oh, pick whatever just-as-interchangeable group of buzzcuts and bowling shirts with pre-Fascist attitudes you feel like picking. It seems worse here in America, where practically no one outside Los Angeles wants to admit to actually wanting The Glam Thing (I was never able to hook up with anyone even in the, well, better old days--most people don't instinctively put progressive rock and the glam look together the way I do), and even those who do admit it feel the need to tone it down, apparently so they'll look "real". Well, "real" isn't in your wardrobe (or even your music); it's in your heart, and CD always struck me as a band who did what they did from the heart, in the face of all the cultural myths that have told us for years and years now (I'm looking at you, Metallica) that Glam = Fake (or worse). Phooey! Let them carp and cavil; I'll reserve my right to keep flying the freak flag. And to the rest of the band, when you put something back together, I just might be able to get you in front of a couple hundred captive American listeners, all of them ready for something like this (even if most of them aren't ready to Live The Life--but then that was true in the '80s, too, wasn't it?).

Anyway: Even from a cold, calculating Kulturkampf standpoint, this was about the worst possible thing to happen at this point in time. But you know what?

It's up to us now. Let's give it our best shot!

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