To Dave, Peter, Eric, Martin.

14 years 1 month ago #136 by risdaveris
To Dave, Peter, Eric, Martin. was created by risdaveris
I Can't even explain how sorry I am for your loss. I have lost Family and Friends so I can understand how you feel. I've been in a real Wreck latley, I suffer from Bipoler its where you have really High, Highs and really Low, Lows. And Well I've been doing things I shouldn't and been on the verg of death. So I haven't been on the Internet for Awhile and the first thing I did was go to your website. Lets say I Cried my self to sleep. Crashdiet was one of the main reasons I got my Life together. It pains me to know that Dave is gone. And Crashdiet is now Over. It feels like a bad dream. I understand why Crashdiet has ended. And I hope for the best for all of you and for Daves Family and Friends. But Dave must be in a better place, in peace in all. I think the meaning in Life is We should all live to the fullest and go for are dreams and inspire or help others. Dave and Crashdiet Helped me, Inspired me. Dave did what he loved. So even though his life was short he did a good job!. A Hell of A job! Sleaze won't be the same without Dave and Crashdiet, but you guys Opened Eyes and Doors. I want to thank You Boys for Savin' my Life and making Me Belive that Life was worth Livein'! Peter, Eric, Martin whatever is next for you have Fun and Live! I know whatever happens, you boys will Make It!

Love and Thanks!
R.I.P Dave!!!!

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14 years 1 month ago #210 by carolin
Replied by carolin on topic To Dave, Peter, Eric, Martin.
In all this sadness it makes me happy to hear someone
share the positive and wonderful affect Dave had on many,
if not all of us. David can live on if you let him. So whenever
you're down, just let his words and music strengthen you like
it did before. If you let him continue to inspire you in your low
lows, he will live on more than just as a memory.
Miss him with all my heart.

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