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Jesse James wrote: Even though I just read a thread where some chick said she never met dave but really missed and then got torn a new one by some of you guys I gotta say that I kind of know how she feels.
although I dont know how he affected her or if she is just some fan girl saying meaningless shit to sound sympathetic, I do know this, to me Dave was like a brother I never had, He had no clue I existed, but I knew who he was, through songs and interviews and photos and peoples stories I learnt all about Dave, because of Dave I am a completely diffrent person, I know walk with pride because Dave told me to, I dont care that Im diffrent, Dave told me it was ok, and no matter how Shit I felt, Dave always had the right advice to make it all better.

Couldn't to ask in what way Dave gives you advises? Is it lines from songs, interviews or something spiritual that's hard to explain?

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