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First off wanna thank the band for giving us all a place to share our comments...

I was never lucky enough to meet Dave, although we used to speak quite often over the internet, and he always came across as one cool chap. He was very in touch with his fans, you know, the way he shared concerts, songs and what not and by generally just speaking to his fans...I can't think of many musicians in bands who do that and to be honest i don't think their are many who are as down to earth as lep was...i honstly don't think the fame went to his head at all, he was just himself.

So yeah, it's really strange that hes gone you know...he used to send me Power Tabs (guitar tabs) of the Crashdiet songs from the demos and it really opened my eyes to what an incredible songwriter he really was. He was and still is a really fucking huge influence and inspiration to me, i've improved so much as a songwriter and as a guitarist because of him and i will never forget that. I followed the band since the demos and it was really great to hear when they finally got signed by a major label. I was always amazed by those demos, like the way they were recorded (sweet will know what i'm talking about here), really good quality, and easily the best demos i've ever heard.

Rest In Sleaze was alot different, some people didn't like the change..but at the end of the day, the band knew what they were doing here, and i think the fact that the album did so well pretty much proves this. I personally think it was a great slice of modern hard rock and proved that this could still be done in this day and age.

So yeah, we had all heard the rumours but i never thought it would turn out this way...I came home on friday afternoon, my mate told me to check out the website and i broke down. that day i can honestly say i have never cried so was just so sad, and just broke my heart. was way too young, way too talented and way too damn nice to die.

I was saddened to find out the band wouldn't be continueing...i can understand it though, lep was pretty much the main songwriter but still... Personally I hope they do find a way of continueing whether it be under Crashdiet or most likely another name cause they are all great guys, great musicians and apart of what i consider the best glam metal band i have ever heard. but whatever the guys choose to do good luck! and thank you so much for everything, it has been great up until now

My thoughts and prayers are with Daves friends, family and the band...Rest In Sleaze Lep, we will not forget you...see you on the other side brother

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Bless you mate

I know how much of an inspiration he was to you, I've seen it in them songs you sent me on Guitar Pro4!

Least he's gonna niggle at you somewhere everytime you write a song on your geetar, you knows it. And as long as thats the case he aint dead,
not by a long shot.

Love you Azza, my cheap whore! haha Xx

--Rest in peace Dave Lepard--

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