Miss you so fükkin much man... It still hurts... :'(

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12 years 7 months ago #70996 by blacknail
Man.. I didn't even know the guy... It hurts so fükkin bad.. I miss him.... Not one single day goes without I'm thinkin' of him.. :( yesterday I missed him more than usual... So I wrote this in school... I'm not so good at english so maybe I've spelled wrong and it's not a very good text. It dosen't rime or enything,I just wrote down my thoughts....

You were the one
Who wrote all those songs
That made me smile
But then one day
You were just gone
You wasn't here anymore

Tears are still falling
I can't let you go
Wish it would just be a nightmare

It's been almost two years now
I still hope
That you'll be back one day
Even tho I know you won't

You'll never be forgotten

Rest In Peace Mr.Sleaze

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12 years 7 months ago #71002 by sweet_is_hot
that one was cute, and i gotta say that i feel like that too! i have wrote so many things like this and i didn't know him either, i never even saw him and it's sad that im never gonna get the chance to do it, and it fuckin' hurts like hell to know that your never gonna meet you're hero.

take care blacknail

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