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7 years 5 days ago - 7 years 5 days ago #151563 by Chardonaytje
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Haha my first opinion was WTF? when i listend it the first time, cause its diffrent than the other albums....
But after listening more times i really loved it...!
Love the Riffs and with some songs i still think Simons voice is weird (too Decent) .... But it shows us that they are trying to do something diffrent, but in the same style....

You should really give the album a second try, its really great!
i would give it a big 9,5....

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7 years 2 days ago - 7 years 2 days ago #151828 by Fhina
So I finally wanna give a complete review on the album, as I proimised.
First of all some general things:
I didn't like the record when listening it the first time completely and was really disappointed. But when listened it for a second time, I started to like it more and more.
So thank you guys for this record. I guess we all waited long for it and it was worth it!
Thank you so much for all the work, blood, sweat and tears you brought into this CD -
Its a really really awesome LP, has it flaws but that make it probably perfect!

1. Change The World
What an anthem! And what a song to open an album!
It takes you straight into a world of rebellion and it thrills you and makes you wanna fight against the world - with Crashdiet.
Great lyrics and awesome guitars.

2. Cocaine Cowboys
I liked it a lot when I heard the sample and I still love the huge guitars and Simons massive voice in the part
"cash, stash give ya money or ya blood
you know about the lies
that gets you buried in the mud
excess you couldn't get less
until you get the news
of your best friends death"
Otherwise a good sing-along song, but not one of my favourites.

3. Anarchy
A song I didn't like when I heard it the first time last year in Helsinki.
But that changed. I like the sound at the very beginning and generally Simons voice sounds good.
Lyrically it's great!

4. California
I LOVED the sample you played last summer in Hollywood and was, as said before, very disappointed when I heard the sample and the complete song for the first time.
I was hoping you'd keep it up more acoustic... It didn't thrilled me a all, but after listeing to it a few times, it really grew on me and now it belongs to my faves.
I really like the melody, the chours is catchy and the lyrics are yet again awesome. A nice song about an obviously/maybe lost love. Just the way I like songs...
Still I hope you will play it on gigs as acoustic version to calm down a bit from partyin'

5. Lickin' Dog
This song is just AWESOME! Right into your face and straight up.
It has a great attitude and simply says what many people think everyday. And we probably all know these kind of persons.

6. Circus
The singing is a bit unusual and new but not bad at all. Simon sounds simply different, but all in all a good and strong song.
It's catchy and it probably works out live pretty well.

7. Sin City
It's generally a nice song, has something catchy and it's surely fun to play and hear it live.
Still not one of my favourites, but I like it.

8. Got A Reason
The chours is catchy and will play in your head like forever.
A good song.

9. Drinkin' Without You
It was love at first listen. I already felt in love with it when I heard the sample some weeks back.
The lyrics are so beautiful, yet a bit cheesy (not in a negative way!), but definitely stuff I like.
Especially the part
"I stop believing without you I can't
take this blizzard storm
in a winter without you"
you're the sun that keeps me warm"
Obviously I have a weekness for sad lovesongs...
The melody stays in your head and I am in love with that song - one of my absolute favourites!
Maybe also becauses it's connected with some memories.

10.Snakes In Paradise
A dark song which I like a lot. It has strong guitars in the beginning and Simon does a really good job with his voice.

11. Damaged Kid
The song didn't catched my in the beginning, but now it's pure and true love.
Once again, the lyrics are beyond fantastic and incredible great. Maybe my favourite ob the album.
Oh and it has great backing vocals!

12. Excited
I guess you can call it "a song for girls" without being offensive!
It's again a fantastic song with amazing lyrics. And it brings up some memories, but also hope and wishes.
I really like that Simons voice sounds roughy but still gentle and soft in a way.

13. Garden Of Babylon
Hello boyz, MASTERPIECE!?!
I guess that's what Justib said before, and he's damn right!
The melodies, the lyrics all fits just nicely together and makes the song pretty much perfect!

14. Liquid Jesus
A great, fun song. I like it but it doesn't belong to my favourites.

It is a really really good album and you really did an amazing job!
Thank you guys!

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7 years 9 hours ago - 6 years 11 months ago #152124 by riKki reKkless
Replied by riKki reKkless on topic Forum members reviews on The Savage Playground
Well, now that I´ve already got my record, here is my review:

Change the World
Amazing histrionic intro. What a kick-ass way to start an album. I dig those impelling drums within the chorus and I go for this trenchantly bass lines, as well as those rhythmical guitar riffs. I like the way, Eric finishes the guitar solo. Then there is this well succeded drum-bass part. Simon sounds really fierce. That´s a fuckin song with the character to change the world.

Cocaine Cowboys
I like the way the guitar camptures the thematically meaning of this song. (intro, solo) Outstanding dedication of the bass! It´s badass, how the muffled sound is broken within the chorus, cool banding solo. For me it´s kinda like a „wanna-hear-it-over-and-over-again“-song!

Driving chorus, Simon sounds great. I like this one, but it kinda sounds as would the entry after the solo come a downbeat to late.

Very interesting riffing, the chorus is a bit too melodious for my liking, but very catchy. Interesting unexpected last note in the solo, but all in all, the solo is much too short. I like the theatrical backing vocals.

Lickin‘ Dog
It kinda sounds familiar to me, the breaks enhance the song amazingly, the drums bring out the main points, especially the usage of the double bass and the guitar solo has got some nice harmonies. This song reminds me a bit of some newer Skid Row. Good song!

Very dramatic work within the bridge, the backing vocals round it up very nice, interesting bar, fierce hammer on-pull off solo, love it, but it´s much too short. I think Mr. Sweet should shradder all along. The drums have a cool thrashing sound, towards the end, Eric propels it to the climax.

Sin City
This one is definitively one of my favorites. I love the way Eric plays the chorus and when Simon‘s voice becomes that fierce during the song. I like that track and especially the chorus is damn great composed. Dirty! Yes!

Got a Reason
This song starts for me with the solo, I like the experimental clean part after the solo and the way the song finds it´s own way to express it´s character, cool way how you let the song fade out.

Drinkin‘ without you
I like the part, Mr. London plays during the first riff, the voice during the verse sounds too „new-time-punk-rock“ alike for my ears, the melodies of the vocals during in the second part of the chorus remind me a bit of James Michael´s (SIXX.A.M.) A little commercial, but not a bad song. I like Simons rat-alike „alright“ at the end.

Snakes in Paradise
Dark sound, the bassline is really interesting in that one, muffled sound, I always wait for the moment, where this muffled becomes broken, but it kinda never happens, but after a time of listening, it kinda conforms to my ears and makes exactly this element even more attractive. The subdued orchestral accents are very interesting. The end is very dramatic. I like this one.

Damaged Kid
Great approach to the subject! I really dig this song.

The chorus kinda makes my flesh crawl, I couldn´t even tell why. Erics drums sound amazing in the beginning. I like the way he plays it. The mandatory third the chorus moves in a later part is nice to have. It´s just not necessary, because the song has enough life itself, but all in all it´s a great track.

Garden of Babylon
Wow! Thats my absolute favorite. Amazing experimental guitar riffs, badass songwriting, Simon sounds wicked rasp and dirty, the oriental guitar parts sound amazing, just epic! This track is just ace from the first to the last note. Simon screams his fuckin‘ soul out, Martin cools it down with those interesting melodic notes after the chorus, Erics drum parts supports the whole verse perfectly and I could fall into this bass - drum part after the solo, which enters a trance. This song could last for hours. I´m sure it´s amazing to jam those riffs inside the band. I´m totally caught. Simply an incredible piece of art!

Liquid Jesus
That´s the song, that wakes everyone up from the trance the listener fell into during Garden of Babylon. Liquid Jesus is a cool punk song! I´m sure there is no person who´s able to stand still during this one.

There´s just one negative amount from my point of view: The guitar solos are all far too short.
But all in all I have to say, I´m blown away. It´s a diversified record. There´s sure something for everyone. I especially like those experimental songs, the wilder and dirtier onces. Awesome record!
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6 years 11 months ago #152467 by Gambino
In my personal opinion, this album has a classic shot of the eighties glam with many ideas of modern hard rock and metal, but, for my ears, it needed some additional hearing to be assimilated and enjoyed to the maximum. The work is both high level and musical composition. Well, I’m happy that Crashdiet have finally found 'peace and stability “, so that for the first time in his career have been able to work on two consecutive albums with the same line-up. Powerful riffs and choruses destined to remain in the lead, as always, the melody plays a primary role in their music and from this point of view we are used really well. When Cruz & Co. make new songs we know exactly what to expect and we also know that hardly be disappointed. "The Savage Playground" is an album, like I told before, of very good level published by the foursome, who chooses to start with a bang in turn triggering the excellent "Change The World", the single explosive "Cocaine Cowboys" ( remarkable drumming and bass playing ) and the overwhelming refrain of "Anarchy ". Rhythm, power and melody give an edge to songs like "Circus," "Sin City," "Drinkin 'Without You" and "Damaged Kid," which shows the great work of guitarist Martin and sharp voice of Simon that lends itself to wonder for the characteristics of the genus. I also found interesting "Garden Of Babylon", a song that combines happiness with the hard rock sounds eastern catapult the ancient capital of Mesopotamia, the same that you can see, I think, in the distance in the artwork on the album where you silhouetted against the sky the imposing tower of Babel. At the end, a special mention to “ California “ and the wild, ramonesque and fast-driving “Liquid Jesus”.

Now I come back to fight my regrets to missed Crashdiet show in Las Vegas, last august, where I've been on the same day of the gig!! That's life! :)


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6 years 11 months ago #152665 by crucifyxae
Replied by crucifyxae on topic Forum members reviews on The Savage Playground
I'm gonna be honest... at first... I didn't like it very much... But it's a classic thing on me... I don't know why, when I buy a new CD i usually don't like it very much at first, and afterwards I finish loving it...

So I'm still listening to it, and it's growing on me little by little... Maybe after a couple of loops I'm gonna say "this is fucking good".

For example, Cocain Cowboys I didn't like it very much during the first 2 or 3 times I listened/ watched it, and now... I think it's really good...

So wait for a week 'till I write again hahaha....

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6 years 11 months ago - 6 years 11 months ago #153095 by StarryEyes
Replied by StarryEyes on topic Forum members reviews on The Savage Playground
Ok. I have had the new album for a week now and have listened to it enough I feel I can give a fair review. I wasn't sure what to expect after everything I've read on here & the varying opinions but upon first listen there were songs I loved and songs I definitely didn't like so much. I loved the song Excited as soon as I heard it. So far it is still my favourite on the album. I feel a deep connection with this song, too much to share in this forum. Others I liked were Garden of Babylon (epic song, there's no other words for it really), Change the World, California and Liquid Jesus. I actually loved Liquid Jesus, I'm a sucker for harmonica playing :).

At first I really did not like Lickin Dog or Anarchy. Lickin Dog just seemed like a silly song to me at first and Anarchy, I don't know - something about it just seems too "pop sounding" if that makes any sense. Maybe too commercial or something? Maybe I just expected a different sound based on the title, I'm not sure. I'm bad at articulating too lol so forgive me. I liked Cocaine Cowboys more when I first saw the video but I think that's just because I've overplayed it in anticipation for my cd to arrive :lol:

Now that I have listened to the whole album a few times, all of the songs have grown on me and I can't say there is a song I don't like. It is definitely a great album beginning to end, there aren't any "skip-over" songs as I call them. And as for the production, I really like it. I know I definitely don't have a trained ear or anything but I really dig the sound of this album. I like the really raw sound. Anyways, superb album, great work! Can't wait for the tour now!! :)

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6 years 11 months ago #153881 by beaut?ful
Replied by beaut?ful on topic Forum members reviews on The Savage Playground

mrs v. viper wrote: I know someone else already asked this but I can't find where anymore... is Liquid Jesus limited on digital format?
I though europe gets that as a bonus (read so somewhere I believe) but yeah... it would be nice to know where that song is actually on haha

It's on my copy. It's even listed on the back.

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6 years 4 months ago #157838 by mrs v. viper
Replied by mrs v. viper on topic Forum members reviews on The Savage Playground
sorry to bump this thread but i jst have to say again how brilliant this album really is...
It's so close to life and I don't know, I'm just glad it exists!

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6 years 4 months ago #157843 by London J?ck
Replied by London J?ck on topic Forum members reviews on The Savage Playground
It is a bold album! When Eric gave an interview in Brazil talking about The Savage Playground, I was really excited to read the lyrics, feel the emotion and the message you wanted to spend. I confess that in the beginning, did not really liked Damaged Kid but after the 4th heard, changed the concept and Snakes In Paradise, Garden Of Babylon and Excited move me. It's a fucking sound! ;)

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6 years 4 months ago #157855 by riKki reKkless
Replied by riKki reKkless on topic Forum members reviews on The Savage Playground
True. The tracks are a bit harder to get into, then the ones from older albums, but you always spot a new favorite song. It was the same with me. Damage Kid turned more and more into one of the best tracks on the record. The one, I totally fell in love with right from the beginning was Garden Of Babylon and it hasn‘t changed. Excited and Snakes in Paradise also were tracks I had to get into, to like it. It‘s definitively a record you can listen to for a longer time, without getting bored.

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