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Phillies fans turned on him, with some booing him when he came to bat. Meanwhile, racial tensions were flaring throughout the country, as the civil rights movement gained steam. Philadelphia, even in the best of times, wasn’t the most welcoming place for Black people. Famed Philadelphia sportswriter Stan Hochman once wrote of his city, “There are parts of this town that make Alabama look liberal.” It was only a matter of time before the powder keg exploded.

MLB players are wearing these awesome MLB Gameday Collection face coverings and scarves, you can find some images below and more information about these MLB face covers and scarves here.Colorado Rockies Face Masks
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Kurkjian: My favorite trade of the winter meetings occurred on Dec. 4, 1988. The Orioles, the team I covered for The Baltimore Sun, sent star first baseman Eddie Murray to the Dodgers for pitchers Jay Howell and Brian Holton, and shortstop Juan Bell. Murray would be a first-ballot Hall of Famer just from his 12 years in Baltimore. It was an enormous deal for both teams, but it had been kept so secretive until we discovered that Roland Hemond, the GM of the Orioles, and Fred Claire of the Dodgers, had met in a hotel in Chicago shortly before the meetings to discuss the deal. When I called Hemond in his hotel room, he said, "You ask tough questions," and answered none of them. Hemond is an all-time favorite; he did everything honestly, by the book. So when I walked with him on his way to the podium to officially announce the Murray trade, I asked for the third player the Orioles were getting. Hemond said, "Sorry, I can't tell you until the deal is done.'' Ten seconds later, he announced the trade.Pittsburgh Pirates Face Masks

On Wednesday, one day after the NFL announced the changes, the 49ers shut down their facility due to COVID-19 test results. For now, they are still set to host the Packers on Thursday Night Football.San Diego Padres Face Masks

Anyway, one of the great things about Statis Pro Baseball for a youth nursing a growing interest in baseball statistics was that the methods for making player cards were included in the game's instruction manual. With a little observational acuity and a copy of The Sporting News, you could rate players yourself. Baserunning ability (labeled as "OBR" by the game makers) was determined by a grading of players with a letter, ranging from A to E, with the latter being the worst score.MLB Face Masks

Passan: White Sox owner Bill Veeck literally unveiled an "Open For Business" sign at the 1975 meetings in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and proceeded to make six trades. It did not work out well. Chicago went 64-97.

Fans turned even more vicious, pelting Allen with debris from the stands, eventually forcing him to wear a helmet while playing the field. Nor was the abuse confined to the ballpark. A few days after the fight, someone called Allen’s wife at home and threatened to murder her husband. Others vandalized his house and tore up his lawn with their cars. Allen had lasting physical damage from the fight, too. In an interview years later with the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR), teammate Pat Corrales recalled that Allen’s shoulder swelled to twice its normal size overnight and said, “he couldn’t lift that shoulder for a while, and it bothered him for some time.” It’s likely the fight affected his performance on the field: Before the fight, he was hitting .335, but afterward, he hit only .271 the rest of the season.
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