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“Very easy,” the rookie said of Howard. “Easy to make reads, pass for each other, pass to get the other guys open, and even score for myself. It’s crazy how it seems like he’s hitting a defender every single time. There’s so much space as soon as you come off the screen, and I really appreciate him for that so I try to give him a couple of touches to down low for sure.” Boston Celtics Face Masks

"I have to hold myself to a high standard," Ingram said. "I have to make the right plays at the end of the game, still play loose but just knowing that taking care of the basketball and knowing the right shot to take and making plays down the stretch, it means if they put trust in me like that, I have to trust myself to make those plays."

After exposure to someone who tested positive for COVID-19, Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant is facing a seven-day quarantine that will force him to miss the next four games, sources told ESPN. Phoenix Suns Face Masks

If it sounds like Cunningham is a flawless prospect, the hang-up arises in the specifics. He hails from the same wing-sized initiator archetype as Doncic, but he is simply not as good as Doncic. The differentiators are in the degrees of goodness. San Antonio Spurs Face Masks

"It's just that we want to be together on this whole thing. I think it's healthy for teams to have a slightly different look, but we want to talk about how different we want to look."

“That’s been an emphasis. I feel like you got to mix it up and being 7-feet, you can also have limitations as far as the way you move and the way you react. The times that we have been running it in practice at times is a little bit hard because he puts me in a bad spot so I think it’s about just getting comfortable every single day. Of course, I’ve always done what the coaches asked me to do. Hopefully, it does work, but if it doesn’t, we also as a team, we got to make adjustments.” Atlanta Hawks Face Masks

"Brandon has been playing great overall," Williamson said. "He always steps up for us. When we need him, he's there for us."

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