[ALBUM REVIEW] Rust (Heavy Music HQ) 4/5

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[ALBUM REVIEW] Rust (Heavy Music HQ) 4/5 was created by peterlondon
By Nick Balazs (Heavy Music HQ)

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Finnish sleaze gang Crashdïet have returned with Rust, their first album in six years and first with vocalist Gabriel Keyes. While Rust might be the name, the sound and songs show no wear and tear on these Finns as they sound mightily rejuvenated with 11 tracks of up-tempo, catchy tunes that will be sure to please any fan of the band.

The production is a massive step up from 2013’s The Savage Playground, which was a muddy mess. Rust takes advantage of the sonic improvement with rockers that will make listeners want to raise their fist and yell. Keyes possesses a fresh voice and provides the ample attitude to the bombastic title track and the romp of “Crazy” and “Idiots.” There are plentiful amounts of captivating guitar parts, including the nice utilization of acoustic intros with the melancholic daze of “Into The Maze” and the rollicking “We Are The Legion.” A very slick and inspired release from the Finns, Crashdïet are doing a great job keeping glam and sleaze alive.

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