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Some upcoming broadcasts and more..

07/04 Radio Rockklassiker 106,7 - 07:00
09/04 Releaseparty Seven Sins Skanstull Sthlm 22:00
13/04 Radio Bandit 106,3 - 08:00
13/04 Signing session Bengans Drottninggatan Sthlm 17:00
14/04 Nyhetsmorgon TV4 c:a 07:00

Also a new tour date at the ROCK HARD festival in Germany!

CRASHDÏET will be signing albums and performing live!

More info on the night club here

We recommend that you right-click the clip and choose "Watch on youtube" for best performance.
Produced & Original idea by:
Marcus CF. Tinnerholm
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Written & Directed by: Rob f. Blom
Assistant Director & Art Director: Richard Blom
Director of Photography: Marcus CF. Tinnerholm
Assistant Camera: Claudio Carvajal
Editor & Post-production: Marcus CF. Tinnerholm
Assistant Editor & Color Grading: Claudio Carvajal
VFX Intro by: Richard Blom
VFX Outro by: Rob f. Blom & Marcus CF. Tinnerholm
Makeup-Artists & Special Effects:
Antoinette Laroma
Carolina "Mustascher" Mellblom
Light flicker: Johan Palm
Driver & Humper: Nicke-Erik Nurhonen
Torture girl - My Wirdheim
Victim 1 - Simon Cruz
Victim 2 - Johan Palm
Corpse - Antoinette Laroma
The Butcher - Marcus CF. Tinnerholm
Behind the scenes Cam & Stills:
Anna Bumbi, CRASHDÏET, Rob & Rick Blom, Carvajal & Tinnerholm
We live in times where we have to do this..
If you wanna spoil the surprise, go ahead and listen =)

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Sample band press kits

The world premiere of the GENERATION WILD music video will take place
on APRIL 1 right here on!



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