Generation Wild by Voltage Media (9/10)


Generation Wild (9/10)
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So it seems like the second coming of the infamous glam/rock has finally arrived with the commercial emergence of Finland’s Private Line and Sweden’s Gemini Five making strides towards commercial acceptance over the last few years, with various other world class trashy glam bands following in their wake.

One of the bands to emerge from modern day pop culture is Crashdiet. After overcoming their own fair share of hard times with the unfortunate passing of vocalist Dave Lepard, this quartet from Stockholm, Sweden have over come all odds and released the bands 3rd studio album; which has to be the most in depth glam album since Motley Crue‘s legendary ‘Dr Feelgood‘.

The first sound which emits from your speakers as Generation Wild kicks off is a 53 second intro consisting of warning sirens… and warning is exactly what you need, as this album will blow your minds and have you calling the authorities for assistance before the end.

Crashdiet‘s own brand of glam/rock is forced down your throat from the very beginning of ‘Armageddon‘ which starts off with an excellent rhythm section before introducing new singer Simon Cruz. With a catchy chorus and a breakdown to make Twisted Sister quiver in their snake skin boots, this is a great opening track and a welcome introduction to the album.

Gradual drum beats lead you into ‘So Alive‘ which again quickly forms into an impressive mix of glam/rock. With distorted vocals working their way through the verses and clean high pitched choruses. The chorus in this track includes a very quire-esque backing vocal, ‘So Alive‘ is your typical rock n’ roll sing-a-long.

Up next is the title track ‘Generation Wild‘. This track has a very 80’s glam rock feel. The chorus is something straight off a Motley Crue album. The title comes to life within the first minute, ‘Generation Wild‘ is like a theme song to a riot, its a tidy rock track with lyrics set to impose anarchy and rebellion into todays kids.

Rebel‘ brings the dangerous world of hair metal to life, with everything from the motorcycle engine at the beginning, right through to the fast guitars and constant blasting of symbols, alongside a guitar solo which will bring you sliding back into your childhood days of Skid Row.

The middle of the album is brought about by ‘Save Her‘, which is the closest thing to a glam/metal love ballad as your bound to find. While still incorporating Crashdiet‘s main influences like Hanoi Rocks and Guns ‘N Roses, ‘Save Her‘ has a lighter side than the rest of the album with the inclusion of some very emotional lyrics, and slower breakdowns and verses.

Down With The Dust’ brings us right back into the dirty world of trashy rock. The 7th track on the album is a massive contrast to its predecessor ‘Save Her‘ and will be a Crashdiet anthem in future years. With a very intricately written guitar solo and some pure excellence from the rhythm section, this song will be the one which makes you want to listen to this album over and over again.

Native Nature‘ begins with a muffled guitar which introduces the vocals in a quiet 30 second intro, before exploding into an aggressive post-eighties rock song with very Sebastian Bach style vocals, which keeps your heat rate rising right through to the end of the record.

The 9th track on the album ‘Chemical‘ is something different entirely, combining some clean rhythm guitars and vocals to create a song about drug use which can easily be interpreted as a biographical story of the rock n’ roll lifestyle, all the while keeping close to the sound which has made this album one of the glam/rock releases of the year.

The second last track on the album, ‘Bound To Fall‘ includes verses which are of a completely different feel to the rest of the track. The choruses in this track are very much of the glam/rock attitude which has been so evident throughout the entire record, yet the verses showcase more of a clean rock feel, as strange as this sounds, it really is a sweet collaboration of the two genres.

This incredible album is brought to a close with ‘Beautiful Pain‘. An album of this magnitude deserves a great closing track, something which brings the last 10 tracks together and morphs them all into one long outro, and we have that in ‘Beautiful Pain‘. The last track on the record combines the slower side of Crashdiet with the world class guitar work which we’ve heard throughout. A perfect close to the record.

With Crashdiet‘s latest release ‘Generation Wild‘ we’ve been spoilt with an album that will be sure to revive our love of dirty glam/rock. Simply a must have for everybody.

I’ve never given a rating to an album before, but I have to give this a 9/10, it’s simply astonishing.