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The Unattractive Revolution (7.5/10)
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CrashDietUA One of the most highly anticipated new glam discs of 2007 for me is “The Unattractive Revolution” from Swedish rockers Crashdïet.

Crashdïet’s debut effort Rest in Sleaze from 2005, is a disc that I consider one of the best releases in this new era of glam.

The band hit a few bumps in the road after the debut disc. Original singer Dave Lepard took his own life in 2006. The band was without their singer who helped them craft one amazing CD.

They eventually found a replacement with singer Olliver Twisted from the Finnish band Reckless Love, and forged ahead to create new music.

On “Unattractive Revolution” the band got a helping hand from Mötley Crüe guitarist Mick Mars on a couple of tracks, which immediately raised the bar for this record somewhat. So the $25,000 question is, has Crashdïet hit the sophomore slump, or have they surpassed their debut disc.

I wasn’t immediately impressed with “In the Raw”, as much as I was with some of the bands previous tunes. Successive listens to this song found me in foot tapping euphoria. Watch the video yourself, and see what you think!

“Like a Sin” grabbed me immediately. This is the type of song that you want to get into your car and drive…..FAST!

“Falling Rain” is the first song from this album that I thought Crashdïet could have a hit with. This song has definite radio potential.

“I Don’t Care” is the first cut featuring Mick Mars. This is a high speed rocker that kicks ass. This song proves to me that Mr. Mars still rocks. The song itself is catchy, cool, and to this listener pure bliss!

“Die Another Day” is another extremely catchy tune that you will find yourself singing along with.

“Alone” is the second track with Mick Mars. This is a mid tempo track that sounds like it could have been left over from the Corabi era of Mötley Crüe. It is an OK song, but not what I would call essential.

The music on the song “Thrill Me” is pretty good, but this song is missing something. The lyrics just don’t do it for me.

“Overnight” is a move in the right direction. I would have like a little more repetition in the chorus on this song, to make it a little more memorable, but that is just me.

“XTC Overdrive” is one of my favorites on this record. This reminds me of the tunes on Rest In Sleaze quite a bit. “Bound to Be Enslaved” does a pretty good job capturing that Rest in Sleaze style as well.

“The Buried Song” has an almost punk flavor to it. The first song that came to mind when I heard this was Anarchy in the U.K., with a heavier riffs towards the center of the song. Once again, this is another song that is missing something. I can’t quite place my finger on it.

The Bottom line: “The Unattractive Revolution” does not meet or surpass “Rest In Sleaze”. There is no doubt in my mind that Crashdïet can play their asses off. The music is not the problem here. This album could use some stronger song writing. There are a few stand out cuts worth checking out. The album starts pretty strong, but starts to taper off in the middle, and does finish off in a solid fashion. The Unattractive Revolution is a solid record and will appeal to quite a few glam and Crashdïet fans out there.

For more information on Crashdïet, check out their myspace page here.

Rating: 7.5 Flying V's Out of 10 Out of 10