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Generation Wild by


I know this is a year old but this band simply owns anything those dinos in Motley Crue are doing and simply needs more attention. It will be an excellent summertime party record and a great introduction to the band, who are reported to be releasing a new record very soon.  Crashdiet seem to have transported everything about 80′s sleaze into the present day but axed the girlish looks and ghostwritten Disney ballads. These dudes are anything other than clean cut but they’re not gonna be mistaken for women the way Ricki Rocket was back on the Sunset Strip, na’mean? As we briefly touched upon in our highlight on the rise of retro glam, this is a new monster and one with some legit mainstream traction over in Sweden. Despite having been through the turbulence of losing a lead singer, Crashdiet have come back ever stronger with a new found edge. And guess what? You can stream the whole record right here.

Between the opening “Armageddon”, the abrasive party anthem “So Alive” and the free-spirited title track, these are the songs that the former vanguard of 80s decadence now wish they could write. The sad thing is it’s an impossibility; songs with this kind of reckless energy and genuine conviction only come from the youthful excess of testosterone and a simultaneous knack for going against the grain. Even when they hang around the major keys, like on “Chemical”, Crashdiet manage to keep things razor sharp. Oh, and yes, they do switch to a minor key in the clutch. I dare you not to hum this one for the rest of the day. The meaty riffing of “Down with the Dust” also proves that they can hang with the heaviness of any late 80s Judas Priest record. On “Native Nature”, they do there best to up-end damn near anything Skid Row has ever done. By now, you get the idea. This band is absolutely phenomenal. Once this new record comes out, it’ll only take one US tour on the heels of, say, Aerosmith, and this band could make a serious dent in US hard rock.

Generation wild review by Metal underground

Reviewed by Eccentricity on August 31, 2011

“Three lead vocalists in as many years is enough to cause a lot of bands to fall apart, but the ‘Generation Wild’ album proves that this won’t be happening to Crashdiet any time soon.”

Swedish sleaze rockers Crashdiet had their ups and downs during the early 2000’s. Infighting and the suicide of frontman Dave Lepard, then a short-lived stunt with Olliver Twisted, and finally in early 2010 the band announced that Simon Cruz would be taking over the helm. Three lead vocalists in as many years is enough to cause a lot of bands to fall apart, but the “Generation Wild” album proves that this won’t be happening to Crashdiet any time soon.

It may have a bumpy start with the opener “442,” but it doesn’t take long for Crashdiet to move back into the comfort zone of flashy glam rock. The title track is an upbeat, old school anthem complete with gang vocals and an almost poppy feel. The guitar intro is a bit awkward, but the song is so infectious it’s easy to ignore.

Of course like any glam act, there has to be one ballad on the album. “Save Her” fills this requirement without delving too far into the melodrama. There is an awful big

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similarity in the guitar riff in this song and Alice Cooper’s 80’s ballad “Poison,” and truthfully the songs are a bit similar. Cruz’s vocals aren’t as gruff as Cooper’s, but this is by no means a Skid Row style ballad, even though Crashdiet has been known to compare itself to the “18 and Life” band.

“Chemical” is another track that reminds me of Alice Cooper rock. It’s a quasi-ballad, but with a definite 80’s glam flair. This song is followed up by two really great melodic rock tunes, “Bound to Fall” and “Beautiful Pain.” This closing track opens with a nice little guitar intro, but the band manages to pick up the speed in the breakdown with some nice shreds. “Beautiful People” is a good closing to an album that is mostly fun with only a few flaws.

For those who are established Crashdiet fans, “Generation Wild” is a good choice. They should appreciate the similarity in style between Lepard and Cruz, even down to the big blonde hair. For those who haven’t tried Crashdiet before, but were fans of slightly heavier glam acts like Alice Cooper, “Generation Wild” is worth checking out.

Highs: The final three tracks are all solid melodic hard rock tunes with the glam flavor Crashdiet fans expect.

Lows: The opening track “442” sounds like the coming of the apocalypse and is a waste of valuable time.

Bottom line: “Generation Wild” may not be the best Crashdiet release, but it’s a good debut for new vocalist Simon Cruz, and offers a fresh slice of the sleaze rock that the fans expect.

Rated 3.5 out of 5 skulls

Generation Wild review by (5/5)

CrashDiet Generation Wild album new music reviewsource:

CrashDiet: Generation Wild

Melodic (Glam/Sleaze) Hard Rock

Some minor bookkeeping to start. CrashDiet’s latest, Generation Wild was released April 2010 on Swedish label Gain/Sony Music (and possibly elsewhere). Now signed to Frontiers in Italy the band is getting the push in North America and, again, I suspect elsewhere.

Generation Wild is CrashDiet’s third album with their third new singer, Simon Cruz. It also may be there best album to date (although their debut was also rather impressive). Generation Wild has solid musicianship with the vocal arrangements being particularly impressive. The songwriting, from lyric to arrangement, is cogent, dynamic, and refreshing. Little comparison should be made to the greats of the glam/sleaze/hard rock of yesteryear. CrashDiet has claimed the genre as their very own. And Generation Wild sounds terrific: crisp and roaring. Frankly, there is not a single bad song on this work.

Even with that said, let’s highlight a few tracks. So Alive rocks as clever and catchy. Rebel blisters with all the raucousness that made sleaze/glam so risque from the beginning. Save Her, a ballad of tragedy, displays CrashDiet’s sound songwriting, and Cruz’ fine vocal talent. For more satisfying and entertaining rock, the quick Down to the Dust and rowdy Generation Wild score big. With the rest, Generation Wild is easily another candidate for this Summer’s iPod playlist, and something to keep handy for your next road trip. Strongly recommended.

Generation wild (US) review by Metal Excess

Crashdiet – Generation Wild (2011, Frontiers Records)
Original Release: 2010, Universal Music/Gain Records)

1. “442″ … 0:54
2. “Armageddon” … 4:06
3. “So Alive” … 4:13
4. “Generation Wild” … 4:05
5. “Rebel” … 3:23
6. “Save Her” … 3:26
7. “Down With the Dust” … 2:47
8. “Native Nature” … 4:39
9. “Chemical” … 4:17
10. “Bound to Fall” … 4:16
11. “Beautiful Pain” … 4:42

Simon Cruz – Vocals
Martin Sweet – Guitar
Peter London – Bass
Eric Young – Drums

Producer: Johan Ramström and Patrik Magnusson

Crashdiet (or Crashdïet, if you prefer) are yet another glam/sleaze act from the country seems to have an unlimited supply of them — Sweden. Seriously, I bet you can’t drive down the road in that country without running over of these bands. I’ve heard and liked number of Crashdiet’s previous songs like “Riot In Everyone” and “It’s A Miracle” but for some reason I never got around to picking up an album. I’m sure high import prices are what kept my curiosity at bay. Generation Wild is their third release and also debuts their third vocalist — Simon Cruz. Cruz replaced Olli Herman (who left Crashdiet in 2008 to devote more time to Reckless Love) who replaced Dave Lepard (who commited suicide in 2006).

Well, what we have here is a reissue of the band’s 2010 album that was originally issued by Universal/Gain Records. They have since signed with Frontiers Records and this re-release looks to consummate the new deal. Though there are some international pressings of the original release with extra tracks, from what I can tell the only addition on the Frontiers version is the “442″ intro (Maybe a change in album art too?), so this reissue really is of no interest to anyone who already has the 2010 release, BUT… with Frontiers’ wider distribution, this album should be easier to come by for North American listeners and should most definitely be picked up.

By this time, most people should know what to expect from the glam acts of Sweden: parts Def Leppard, Motley, Guns, KISS, Skid Row, etc. Some acts are more polished and AORish than others, some acts are sleazier than others. I like both sides of the fence and apparently Crashdiet does as well because they are straddling said fence. The gang vocals and harmonies are very reminiscent of Def Leppard but songs like “Armageddon” and “Generation Wild” have just enough bite. In fact, the whole album has enough bite that you don’t feel like you’re listening to cheese that expired in the 1980s. Like most bands that play that modern glam, Crashdiet are exactly that: modern.

From all accounts, Crashdiet is a success in their home country if you define “success” as having your album debut at #3 on the album charts and then getting your music video for “Generation Wild” banned on your country’s version of MTV! It’s a shame there’s not a huge market for these bands in America. In the meantime, I’ll continue to enjoy the music Crashdiet creates. If you’re into Hardcore Superstar, Wildstreet, Vains of Jenna, Dirty Penny, Crazy Lixx, Reckless Love, Jettblack and so on, this is an album and band you should not miss out on.

Highlights: ”Armageddon”, “So Alive”, “Generation Wild”, “Save Her”, “Native Nature”, “Chemical”, “Beautiful Pain”

Order ‘Generation Wild’ from!

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Generation wild by Ultimate Guitar (8/10)


Generation Wild
Sound: 8
Lyrics: 8
Impression: 8
Overall rating:
Users rating:
user comments vote for this cd:
overall: 8

Generation Wild by Göteborgsposten (4/5) (Swedish)

Generation wild (4/5)


Det är faktiskt inte löjligt att sirener inleder Generation wild. Det behövs en varning: Akta er, vad bra det här är! Tredje plattan med tredje sångaren hade kunnat sänka Crashdiet snabbare än ett par för tajta spandex stryper blodtillförseln. Men Simon Cruz röst och en hurv kriminellt bra låtar som Armageddon, Down with the dust och Save her antyder istället ett stort genombrott. Sedan får man leva med att man letar efter ”Skid Row”på konvolutet. Sällan har lättviktig nostalgi låtit så här fräsch.

Kalle Malmstedt

Generation wild by May the rock be with you

Generation Wild


In what is turning out to be a massive month or two for lovers of all things glam and sleaze, Swedish natives Crashdiet, against the odds, return with arguably their most complete album yet. Following the loss of original singer Dave Lepard in 2005 to suicide, the band returned in 2007 with newly appointed singer Oliver Twisted and delivered the more experimental and darker ‘The Unattractive Revolution’. The union with Oliver didn’t last and he headed back to the ranks of ‘Reckless

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Love’. Faced with the prospect of finding another singer, in a twist of fate, the band ended up with former ‘Jailbait‘ singer Simon Cruz who was originally in the band’s sights after the passing of Lepard.

Setting the scene for what’s to come with Crashdiet circa 2010, the razor sharp riffs and pounding rhythm section on opening track ‘Armageddon’ are perfectly complimented by new vocalist Cruz, (who I shall refer to more later in the review). A return to the band’s sleaze rock roots the opening track certainly hints at, and the following track ‘So Alive’ certainly confirms this. A Motley Crue like riff kicks off the track, but then it’s the band’s new singer Simon Cruz to properly introduce himself with almost banshee like wailing before he rip’s through the opening lines “it’s midnight out for blood, let’s make a big toast to world domination, no rat’s out to fed”…when a song has lyrics such as this, you certainly need a vocalist to convey the rawness and Cruz certainly does! For fans of a pre-chorus, the one in this song is monstrous, as the gang like vocals of the chorus.

Lead single ‘Generation Wild’ is a killer bombastic anthem that had me hook, line and sinker from the opening guitar riff courtesy of Martin Sweet. This is one of the best HARD ROCK songs I have heard in all of the 2000’s….I don’t need to say anymore! 20 years ago ‘Youth Gone Wild’’ was the anthem of rebellion and now we have the sequel. Speaking of killer, be sure to check out the film clip to this song below…it’s so killer it has even been banned by MTV Sweden! ‘Rebel’ shifts up a higher gear and is frenetic and raw and the gang shouting vocals in the chorus has an old school metal kinda vibe along the lines of Judas Priest, WASP and early Crue.

Whilst musically ‘Save Her’ displays a more melodic side to the band, lyrically it is one of the albums darker tracks, “sweet lips around a loaded gun, pulls the trigger and the bullet won”. One of my favourite tracks on the album, it also displays a more “polished” production sound that is throughout the album. In stark contrast to ‘Save Her’, ‘Down With The Dust’,musically is the probably the heaviest on the album. A great track to showcase how the band have evolved musically, with some pretty cool guitar riffs and a blistering guitar solo.

‘Native Nature’ is Crashdiet at it’s sleaziest, a track that will no doubt be popular in the live set and is another where Cruz can spit and snarl till his hearts content! ‘Chemical’ on the other hand is a song that will probably be a grower for many people, but you will be addicted once it gets a hold of you, pardon the pun! If the song doesn’t grab you upon first listen, then be sure to stick it out until at least the 2.05 minute mark…..then it kicks in!!

‘Bound To Fall’ is a little more restrained in all accounts, but don’t get me wrong, it is still a hard rocking song! As with a few other tracks on this album, it displays where Crashdiet are at in 2010, a band who has now progressed and has more than just straight out sleaze rock in it’s arsenal. Which perfectly leads into the almost epic closing track ‘Beautiful Pain’, a fitting way to close the album. Whilst the chorus is simplistic featuring just repetition of the words ‘beautiful pain’, the rest of the track is anything but simplistic, with some intricate arrangements and an almost majestic like quality.

In a time when sleaze/glam/hard rock is as popular as it ever has been in recent years and with an image and attitude to match the quality of this release, ‘Generation Wild’ well and truly propels Crashdiet back as the leaders of not only the sleaze rock genre, but as one of the more exciting hard rock bands on the planet.

by Scott Smith