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Generation Wild by


I know this is a year old but this band simply owns anything those dinos in Motley Crue are doing and simply needs more attention. It will be an excellent summertime party record and a great introduction to the band, who are reported to be releasing a new record very soon.  Crashdiet seem to have transported everything about 80′s sleaze into the present day but axed the girlish looks and ghostwritten Disney ballads. These dudes are anything other than clean cut but they’re not gonna be mistaken for women the way Ricki Rocket was back on the Sunset Strip, na’mean? As we briefly touched upon in our highlight on the rise of retro glam, this is a new monster and one with some legit mainstream traction over in Sweden. Despite having been through the turbulence of losing a lead singer, Crashdiet have come back ever stronger with a new found edge. And guess what? You can stream the whole record right here.

Between the opening “Armageddon”, the abrasive party anthem “So Alive” and the free-spirited title track, these are the songs that the former vanguard of 80s decadence now wish they could write. The sad thing is it’s an impossibility; songs with this kind of reckless energy and genuine conviction only come from the youthful excess of testosterone and a simultaneous knack for going against the grain. Even when they hang around the major keys, like on “Chemical”, Crashdiet manage to keep things razor sharp. Oh, and yes, they do switch to a minor key in the clutch. I dare you not to hum this one for the rest of the day. The meaty riffing of “Down with the Dust” also proves that they can hang with the heaviness of any late 80s Judas Priest record. On “Native Nature”, they do there best to up-end damn near anything Skid Row has ever done. By now, you get the idea. This band is absolutely phenomenal. Once this new record comes out, it’ll only take one US tour on the heels of, say, Aerosmith, and this band could make a serious dent in US hard rock.

Eric in Australian Loud


Stockholm’s Crashdïet are the modern epitome of rock n’roll upstarts. With a classic glam image and attitude, they rose through the local underground with a couple of Hanoi Rocks-inspired demos and in 2004 were signed to the Swedish arm of Universal after being discovered drinking outside a liquor store. Their debut Rest in Sleaze hit #12 on the Swedish charts and they toured Britain, playing at Download on their first ever tour there. Then tragedy struck when vocalist Dave Lepard took his own life following a bout of depression, aged only 25. After some months of soul-searching, Crashdïet returned with new frontman H. Olliver Twisted, an association that lasted for another album. Last year, with current vocalist Simon Cruz third album Generation Wild peaked at #3 in Sweden and the band has since opened for Ozzy Osbourne and toured Europe with Hardcore Superstar and 69 Eyes. In October, they will be bringing their rock n’ roll assault to Australia for a whirlwind two date tour. Loud caught up with drummer Eric Young to chat about what to expect.

Q: Hi Eric. Crashdïet is going to be down here in Australia very soon. 
A: Yes! You wouldn’t imagine how much we are super excited about that, actually.

Q: It’s only two shows though! What’s the story there? 
A: The fact is we’re working on the new album now and we just wanted to not take too much time out of that, and go down and test the waters a bit and stir up some water a bit and see what happens. If it’s a total success, go back and do more shows.

Q: It seems like the Swedish rock scene is really going well right now. I interviewed Rikki from Sister a little while ago and he tells me the whole thing is really going off.
A: Sister has been like little brothers – or sons – to us for a long time, so it’s great to see it’s going off for them too now. Martin Sweet our guitar player has helped them a great deal with their album, mixing and so on, and that album that’s released now is really a cool album. We’re looking to doing some tours with them. We’ve done it before but it would be fun to do a more extensive tour with them.

Q: Who would be your ultimate band to tour with? 
A: We’ve toured a couple of times now with Hardcore Superstar, and we just always have a blast. We’re a match made in heaven. And not just for ourselves, because we always have a good time touring, but also for the audience. It’s a good mix between bit more extreme thrashy 80s music, and the more classic 80s music that we provide. I think they are, for us, the ultimate band to tour with. I’m sure they are a million other bands we’d love to tour with too. Black Veil Brides is one of them. We’ve talked about doing stuff with them, so we’ll see what happens. Who knows? Maybe we will get together for a tour down there some day.

Q: So when can we expect the next album?
A: I would say around April/May next year. Because the thing is, when you do an album, you have a long preparation; a lot of time and preparation to do the right promotion done. We’re working now to get all these songs done. We usually do around 30 to 50 songs per album and choose out the very best. That’s the way we go about it. And the tours that we’re all of a sudden doing in the late Fall beginning of winter – mini-tour in Australia, and the US and England – that’s eating into our making-an-album time, so hopefully April or May next year.

Q: 50 songs! That’s a lot of material to work through.
A: Yeah. Well, we kinda push ourselves. And if we don’t write that many songs, I get nervous. We always fire away with lots of songs.

Q: What’s the make-up of your audience? It would seem to me that Crashdïet would perhaps appeal to an older crowd as much as it would younger people.
A: Our audience is basically young people. Mostly people between 15 and 20 who are searching for the meaning of life. And they find us and we give them the fuel to meet the world on their terms. But also fans of the 80s who were growing up in those days. And we found that the 80s music fans, when they saw us for the first time, we like, ‘Argh! A bunch of guys trying to repeat the 80s, who do they think they are?’ But after a while they started to see that we were here to stay and really struggling against the music scene that is today and I think more and more people are coming to the shows… well, I know that they are, so it’s a steady mix I would say.

Q: It must have been difficult, then, to break through that perception that you were just doing 80s rock without bringing anything new to it.
A: Both yes and no. I mean, with our band we just play the music that we like and the music that comes out of us. If you take me for instance, I’m a big fan of Mötley Crüe, but I’m also a big fan of Cannibal Corpse and Lady Ga Ga and stuff like that. Obviously the music that comes out of our creation is a steady mix. So we kind of interpret what we all are influenced by and I would say if you put on our first album you’re going to hear the Mötley Crüe and stuff like that, but it’s also going to have elements of the new stuff. Nobody can honestly say that we sound like the 80s music bands and sleep good at night. Because they obviously haven’t listened to the album or they wouldn’t throw shit at us.

Q: What are you listening to at the moment? What is inspiring you right now?
A: What inspires me is different things. Sometimes I feel like going for the mellow music and I listen to a lot of different styles, but mostly I would say to get me going sometimes I need a Slayer album. Sometimes to keep me going I need a good old 80s album of course, any KISS album will do. Or easily I can put the new Katy Perry album on. I really like that one. Of course Hardcore Superstar is one of my favourite bands. They kinda mix the 80s with thrash metal, which I’m a big fan of. So that’s something… every time they do a new album I listen to that day in and day out.

Q: How would you describe Crashdïet to someone who had never seen you play or heard your music before?
A: Oh that’s a hard one! I would describe Crashdïet as a big fucking tasty cake with lots of cream on top and loads of flavours inside. It’s hard for anyone to say they wouldn’t like it because there’s something in that cake that anybody would like. I would just say a big tasty cake!

Q: So we will be getting a big classic rock from Crashdïet here in Australia?
A: Oh yeah. Classic in the sense of what we can provide for you guys. I mean, flying overseas we can’t bring our big stage set and all the pyro  and all that shit. But we’ll make the best of situation and just bring our energy and play all the songs people wanna hear.

Q: So for now it’s just the quick visit, and we can hopefully get you guys to come back again some time soon?
A: Yeah that’s the point of this. Just to give people a like taste of what we are and then come back and do the whole full blown tour later.

Generation wild review by Metal underground

Reviewed by Eccentricity on August 31, 2011

“Three lead vocalists in as many years is enough to cause a lot of bands to fall apart, but the ‘Generation Wild’ album proves that this won’t be happening to Crashdiet any time soon.”

Swedish sleaze rockers Crashdiet had their ups and downs during the early 2000’s. Infighting and the suicide of frontman Dave Lepard, then a short-lived stunt with Olliver Twisted, and finally in early 2010 the band announced that Simon Cruz would be taking over the helm. Three lead vocalists in as many years is enough to cause a lot of bands to fall apart, but the “Generation Wild” album proves that this won’t be happening to Crashdiet any time soon.

It may have a bumpy start with the opener “442,” but it doesn’t take long for Crashdiet to move back into the comfort zone of flashy glam rock. The title track is an upbeat, old school anthem complete with gang vocals and an almost poppy feel. The guitar intro is a bit awkward, but the song is so infectious it’s easy to ignore.

Of course like any glam act, there has to be one ballad on the album. “Save Her” fills this requirement without delving too far into the melodrama. There is an awful big

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similarity in the guitar riff in this song and Alice Cooper’s 80’s ballad “Poison,” and truthfully the songs are a bit similar. Cruz’s vocals aren’t as gruff as Cooper’s, but this is by no means a Skid Row style ballad, even though Crashdiet has been known to compare itself to the “18 and Life” band.

“Chemical” is another track that reminds me of Alice Cooper rock. It’s a quasi-ballad, but with a definite 80’s glam flair. This song is followed up by two really great melodic rock tunes, “Bound to Fall” and “Beautiful Pain.” This closing track opens with a nice little guitar intro, but the band manages to pick up the speed in the breakdown with some nice shreds. “Beautiful People” is a good closing to an album that is mostly fun with only a few flaws.

For those who are established Crashdiet fans, “Generation Wild” is a good choice. They should appreciate the similarity in style between Lepard and Cruz, even down to the big blonde hair. For those who haven’t tried Crashdiet before, but were fans of slightly heavier glam acts like Alice Cooper, “Generation Wild” is worth checking out.

Highs: The final three tracks are all solid melodic hard rock tunes with the glam flavor Crashdiet fans expect.

Lows: The opening track “442” sounds like the coming of the apocalypse and is a waste of valuable time.

Bottom line: “Generation Wild” may not be the best Crashdiet release, but it’s a good debut for new vocalist Simon Cruz, and offers a fresh slice of the sleaze rock that the fans expect.

Rated 3.5 out of 5 skulls

Interview in Sludge factory


Vicki Grozdanovski had the privilege to catch up with the lovely Eric Young to chat about the new CRASHDÏET albumGeneration Wild and their upcoming Australian Tour in October 2011.

We started off chatting about CRASHDÏET’s new album and the inspiration behind Generation Wild.  Aside from their normal influences musically, such as SKID ROW and KISS to just name a few, spiritually, their inspiration had a lot to do with front-man Simon Cruz. “We are super excited to have him on board and I like to call it the birth of Simon.  Simon contributed and added something that was lacking before,” boasts Young. 

Although it didn’t take too long to come up with the songs for Generation Wild, to finish the recording of the songs and the arrangements took around three months.   A lot of the bands time was spent in pre production and to be in the studio as much as only needed.  “Money is a factor and to sit and write songs in the studio would be just a waste of time.  We concentrated on sitting and writing with our producers, recording the demos how we wanted them to be and nailing them”!

When asked if CRASHDÏET is looking forward to touring down under, Young stated that they are super excited to perform in Australia. CRASHDÏET tried to get here years ago, however after a lot of to-ing and fro-ing the tour never came to fruition.  Young is really thrilled and well aware that they will be battling it out with DEF LEPPARD who is touring in Sydney at the same time.  “I hope that the fans recognise that DEF LEPPARD have done their thing and we are here to do our bit now”.

I asked Young what fans can expect at their shows and he said that the “CRASHDÏET show is based on pure energy. We can’t fly with too much stuff like pyros and a massive stage because we are playing the club scene, so we have limits. We make sure we put on a great set list and have fun with the audience”. He assures that the Australian fans will not be disappointed.

I brought up Generation Wild, a track on the album and stated that it has the feel of, and sounds like an anthem. “We wanted to have that anthem feeling and you never know when it comes and this song came around late in the recording process.  We worked hard to get that anthem feel and made sure we got it right to sound as good as it can be and usually when playing live, this is the song where everyone is standing on their toes”!

I decided to crank things up a notch and asked Young what the craziest thing was that has happened on tour. “The craziest things usually happen when you are all liquored up and can’t remember”. However, he did spill the beans on an adventure they had whilst touring with Swedish band HARDCORE SUPERSTAR a few years ago. “We were like small children during the nights and this one time while we were in Italy, the tour bus stopped by a pizza place and we noticed these concrete letters in the grass outside spelling the name of the town we were in. These letters were huge, they were one and a half metres if you stood them up and weighed about 150kg.

We had this brilliant idea to steal the letter “O” and put it in the bunk of the person who was to pass out first. As we tried to get it on the bus, unfortunately our tour manager basically said there was no way that thing was coming on the bus so we had to carry it back. The funny thing though, was throughout the whole ordeal, try to imagine four guys carrying a block of concrete and yelling out, be careful, make sure you don’t drop it and watch your toes!! So not rock and roll!”  There is video footage of this as well. Someone needs to find it!  Young couldn’t remember too many crazy fan stories although wants to tell all of you Australian fans to show up to the concerts, have a drink with them and create some crazy stuff together.

I asked Young if he knew anything about the local acts supporting them on their Australian tour and he did say that he had heard about some of them through their promoter. CRASHDÏET has also checked out some of the Aussie supporting acts and believes they all look and sound pretty cool and trust they will have a great night.

I mentioned how CRASHDÏET has a massive following Down Under and that one of their supporting acts, VIRGINIA KILLSTYXX has a front-man named Chrisdiet.  Now, this is where our conversation gets funny.  Young thought he knew Chrisdiet and said, “Yeah, I think I know that guy, he’s travelled to Sweden before, unless I’m talking about the wrong person”. I respond with “yeah, no – I don’t think you know him”. Young whispers, “Are you sure?” This is when I assure him and say, “I doubt it”. Young, then realises and say’s “Oh, not the same person then.  I’m thinking of some other Australian guy who came to check us out, anyway, he was a really nice guy”.  Picture a Seinfeld episode here and you will catch my drift!

For those of you who are not die-hard CRASHDÏET fans but after reading this you will be, here is some trivia for you.  CRASH-DIET is an old sickness that sailors used to get when they sailed the seven seas! Yes, news to me too. Apparently when they ran out of everyday food to stay alive, they lived off rum, which as such means going on a crash diet! “Did I just hear a baby crying? I should really start to wrap this up,” I asked. “No that was my cat,” says Young. Laughter!

I know some of you are dying to know how long it takes CRASHDÏET to get ready before a show. Young was proud to say that everyone in the band does their own hair and make up and if pressured, it takes them an hour.  Ideally they would like to have two hours to get ready so they can take their time for the first hour and then the next hour to go through the show. Young is the tamest out of all and though he did try the big hair and make up in the early days of the band, he said that he is sparing the fans and does not want to scare them.

Finally, to all of you crazy fans out there, you would be pleased to know that CRASHDÏET is in the process of writing their next album and hope to have it released in April 2012.

Tour dates

20 October – The Gaelic Hotel, Sydney with L.U.S.T, Sunset Riot and Antoinette La’Noir

22 October – The Espy, Melbourne with Diamond Sins, Heaven The Axe, Virginia Killstyxx and Antoinette La’Noir


Riot! Entertainment

Eric interviewed by the rock pit




Mark: Hi Eric, thanks so much for taking the time to speak to! So what brings you down under? Is it the weather, the women or the cricket?

Eric: (Laughs) That’s a good question, well actually it’s the promoter that brings us down. I’ve always wanted to come to Australia, I’ve met a lot of people from Australia, and you are such nice and open people and like such good music. We hear that we have a good following down there and we always tend to steer the ship where maybe we can have some fun! And of course if we have people who love our songs we want to go and play our songs for them. It’s a mix of everything, while we are there we want to have some nice days off and do some surfing and barbequing, and all that sort of stuff!

Mark: That’s great; it sounds like you’ll be hitting all of our traditional activities that we like our guests to get involved in when they come over!

It’s interesting that you’ve come over for such a short tour, is it just a testing of the waters, to maybe come back later with something bigger, if all goes well?

Eric: Yeah, basically that’s it, we’ll come down and see what happens, and we’re in the middle of doing the next album, so we wanted to keep it short, to leave more time to complete the album. We are going to try and have the new album out by April/ May, next year, and release around that time in Australia, and then maybe come back and do some more shows, maybe a longer tour next summer or fall.

Mark: That’s good to hear, and as we’re based on the west coast, and we’d love to get you over here too!  We understand that with the mini tour we’ve interrupted you from finalizing the DVD as well. How’s that coming along?

Eric: The DVD is coming along well, the thing is we were in the process of finalizing it now, but then we thought to ourselves we’ll wait and put in some stuff from the new tour, with Michael Monroe, etc.

Mark: That sounds great, and we’ll talk about those dates in a while. We actually reviewed a couple of your live shows earlier in the year, one of our reviewers caught you on the Hardcore Superstar tour in the UK, and then on to Holland. He said you guys were absolutely amazing live!

Eric: We had a great time caught Crashdiet earlier in the year in the UK

Mark: So now to you Eric, what made you pick up the drumsticks in the first place?

Eric: It was an old friend of mine when I was about nine or ten years old, who was taking saxophone class and they needed someone to keep the beat for them, while they were doing these awful saxophone tunes! So, it was like grab these sticks, and sit here and do this, and it was fun and keeping the beat wasn’t a problem for me, so it took off from there! My inspirations from there were Nirvana, Pantera and Metallica. The music that definitely opened my eyes was Nirvana.

Mark: So, what sort of things are you listening to now? Are your musical tastes different these days?

Eric: Actually it just became more extreme; I tend to broaden my music spectra every year, by looking at soft music and more extreme music. I really hope I continue doing that, because I don’t want to get old and stop listening to Cannibal Corpse and stuff like that, and that’s what keeps me going!

Mark: That’s interesting because I did find that on Generation Wild there was a lot more variety on that release than there was on the first two CD’s. Is that something that you think comes from those varied influences that the other members of the band and you may have?

Eric: Yeah. There were more songs on there that I wrote, I became more involved in the song writing, and so definitely, that’s probably what you are hearing. And also Generation Wild is an album that we, all four of us, worked really hard on in completing. Everyone had something to do with everything, so I think that’s also what you are hearing; all four of us were working as a band.

Mark: It sounds like Simon was quite involved as well, being the new person, I expect it made the transition easier for him, getting right in and writing the material.

Eric: Yeah, definitely, that’s what I was so pleased about, to see that he wouldn’t have done it any other way. He wanted to be part of it and have an input on everything, and that’s how every member should be, ultimately that’s you up on the stage expressing yourself, and if you can’t do that you should be in a cover band or just be a musician!

Mark: I think there are a lot of us out there, especially those of us that love our Sleaze, who see Generation Wild as a really important album and if it had been put out back in the day it would rank up there with the best of them. What sound are you going for on the next release?

Eric: It will be similar. The fans already know the Crashdiet sound but you always get worried when you start writing material and you wonder how much you struggle to stay true to your regular sound. But this will be similar, and it will come out sounding like Crashdiet whether you like it or not!

Mark: We would love to come and see you on tour, and a lot of us will be heading east. Did you realise you are up against Def Leppard on those dates?

Eric: Yeah, I know. I’m not too concerned about that. I talked to our promoter about that, and basically the tickets are about three times as high to go to Def Leppard, and they’ve been before. This is the first time we’ve been and we are a young band, and so I’m not concerned about that.

Mark: Yes, I think there’s a good scene, both in Melbourne and Sydney, and I think you’ll get plenty of people coming. Just by looking at some of the forums on the internet, you should get a great crowd.  We hope so anyway because we want more bands like Crashdiet to visit us!

Mark: You are now signed with Gain, which is an independent record label, distributed through Frontiers, which have now got that global coverage. How does it compare being on a smaller label, because you were on universal for a few years? Did you feel lost on a bigger label?

Eric: Well the thing was, the bigger label gave us what we needed, i.e. the knowledge, and the money to get started, and that’s the great stuff with a big record company, with the big fat wallet they can spend money on promotion, videos  and all that stuff. The guy that signed us and brought us to life was a Swedish guy Anders Johansson, a top A&R man here in Sweden, and he found us outside a liquor store, handing out demos to passers by, and he thought we looked interesting and he brought us to Universal. That started the whole circus of ours. Nowadays, we are on a small label called Gain, and we get more attention because they have less bands, obviously, on the bill for them. We also get more focused work, here in Sweden the distribution is through Sony, so basically it’s the same set up, and now we have that base from which to work from so we don’t need the big bucks and all that stuff!

Mark: It’s great to hear from a band that has had a positive experience like that when you hear so many disappointing stories about labels. You also have one of the best websites out there, plenty of downloads for the fans and plenty of content, and it also seems to be updated frequently as well.

Eric: Oh, yes, we are on it all the time!

Mark:  You also have some more exciting tours coming up, the UK with Mike Monroe and also just a few US dates so far co-headlining with Pretty Boy Floyd. How big will that US tour be at this stage, do you know?

Eric: At the moment we are looking at two weeks over there, and booking as many dates as we can. It’s like a showcase/ press trip to the States, just to stir up some water and see what happens over there.

Mark: Are you looking at the East coast as well?

Eric: No, I think it’s just going to be the West Coast, but anything is possible, we’ll see what the guys come up with!

Mark: Tell us a little bit about the show you did with Ozzy in Stockholm?  Was that the biggest and best show so far?

Eric: Yes, that was a great show at the Globe Arena; it’s like a big golf ball! It’s a great building, they have ice hockey there. It was a great night opening up for one of our idols, of course, it was a good moment for us, and we needed that. Hopefully people liked our show, even though it was only 25 minutes, but we came out quite intense and it was a good energy show.

Mark: It must be great on nights like that to work with people you particularly admire. Just a few quick questions before we go. How would you sum up the whole Ollie saga with the band? Was it something you’d rather forget?

Eric: Let’s put it this way, Ollie was not right for the band, and lets face it you go for something sometimes that turns out not to be the correct thing, it’s as simple as that, and that’s why it ended.

Mark: I think now you have the perfect front man, he looks really at home with the band, and seems to be going down well with the fans as well.

Eric: We sure think so

Mark: I could chat all day, and it feels like we’ve only just scratched the surface; very quickly then, if you could have been involved in the creation of any album or piece of music, in the history of rock, what would it have been?

Eric: I would have wanted to be part of Reign in Blood by Slayer, because that was really a cool album, and I would have loved to be part of that and see how minds work when you create an album like that! That would give me a lot of inspiration and insight in to how these fucking serial killers think!!

Mark: Finally, an easy one, what is the meaning of life?

Eric: Wow, the meaning of life is to never look back, and just have fun, you never get younger, you only get older, so live every day to the maximum, and that’s my motto!

Mark: Any final words for Australia?

Eric: Well, basically, I’m so much looking forward to coming down there, and hopefully see you guys at a show, bring lots of energy and we’ll bring ours, and have lots of beers!

Mark: That sounds great! Thanks very much for your time, Eric, and I hope you enjoy your stay down under!


By Mark Diggins


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Eric young in MTRBWY

A leading force in the Swedish “sleaze rock” scene of the 2000’s and now slowly conquering the world, Crashdiet in October will be heading to Australia for the first time.  Their last albumGeneration Wild delivered a collection of songs that in my opinion if released in 1989 would be spoken about today in the same breath as Skid Row’s debut album or the likes of Motley Crue’s Dr Feelgood.  It’s just that damn good…and how about that video clip for the title track itself!

Having just played some of the biggest rock and metal festivals in Europe such as Sweden Rock Festival and Wacken in Germany, you can be sure Crashdiet will be delivering one hell of a show when they hit Australia.  Trust me, I saw them personally at Sweden Rock this year.

I chatted with Crashdiet drummer Eric Young yesterday about the bands upcoming tour and progress on the follow up album to Generation Wild.

Hey Eric thanks for taking the time to do this interview.  So you are finally headed out to Australia, it  must be pretty exciting to be travelling so far from home and playing some shows on the other side of the world?

Yes it is definitely.  We have hit South America a couple of times now so we are starting to get used to flying long distances to go and play some shows.  We’re really looking forward to coming to Australia.

So what have you heard about the rock scene down here in Australia?

I haven’t heard a lot at all actually.  Of course I know of bands like AC/DC and Airborne, but thats pretty much all I know about the Australian rock scene.  I have a friend that is from Melbourne and he said there is a good rock scene going on, but it’s a long time since I spoke to him.

And how about the level of interest in Australia for Crashdiet, what are your expectations of your fan base down under?

Well I’ve only heard ‘rumours’ and I guess it’s the same thing as South America for example we had heard about people really liking us there and the only thing you can really use as a guide are things like Facebook and people chatting on our sites and stuff like that and so far we have had a lot of people commenting and chatting about our upcoming Australian shows.  It sounds like we have a good following down there so hopefully it should be 2 good shows!  It looks like there are people down there who have heard of us at least.

Well thats definitely true!  Some fans are even so keen that  I know for a fact there were about 6 or 7 of us who travelled to see you at Sweden Rock Festival this year and then found out a few weeks later that you were coming to Australia for some shows, so I guess the bonus is we will see you 3 times in 2011 haha!

Well, that’s very cool!

What are you looking forward to most about being in Australia?

Well you have some beautiful beaches down there in Australia and I am trying to get to see if I can get some surfing done whilst I am there.  Our promoter has put together a list of things to do and we will decide what to do, based on what we have time to do of course!  I’m going to try to do as much as I can down there and will also try and have a traditional Australian BBQ, which has to be done!

You have had a very busy year of touring….how do you guys handle life on the road as a band, anything you do to keep yourselves sane if boredom strikes haha?

It usually never gets too boring actually, that’s the life we always look forward to.  When we do an album we usually can’t wait to get back out on the road.  If by chance there is ever a dull moment in the tour bus, which there hardly ever is, as we always have a great time together, we will just watch some movies or whatever.  Mostly when we travel between shows its during the night when we sleep and then the next day we roll into a new town and do it all again.  So there’s ever really any dull moments, it’s either sleep or have fun!

I personally had the opportunity to see you guys at Sweden Rock festival this year, a show with pyro and chainsaws and motorbikes, obviously you can’t bring that out here and do it at a club type show, but what can we expect from your set?

We will probably do some research and find out what Crashdiet stuff you guys like best down under and go from there.  When we usually

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do shows like this and flying long distances to special places where people like us a bit more, we do a longer set and as many songs as we can, but not too many so people don’t get bored haha!  We will try and do as much as we can at those shows, obviously we can’t do pyro or anything like that, so we will do as much as we can, but I am promising the Australian fans they won’t be disappointed!

I know you have been collecting a lot of footage from your recent festival experiences for a DVD release, how is that coming along?

I will say it come out in the beginning of next year.  We have a lot of footage and it’s supposed to be based on the first tour with Simon and obviously we have shows coming up in Australia and USA in November and there’s a tour with Wednesday 13 and Michael Monroe, so it would be a shame to finish off the DVD before any of that happens.  So I think we will collect more footage from those tours and work to get it out in the beginning of next year I would say.

Given you have been so busy touring this year, I was surprised to read the other day that you guys have started on your follow up to Generation Wild.  Being your 2nd album now with Simon, it must be a good feeling going into an album with a settled lineup?

Yes definitely.  Martin and I have started writing material a couple of months to go.  The other day we had a session where we wrote a song and recorded a demo and it feels good as you said.  The first time around with Simon during Generation Wild we were a bit unsure at the beginning how this all works, but that’s like any relations in the beginning.  But this time around it’s going to be a lot easier, the arrows are pointing towards the same goal and we have an interesting and fun time in the studio ahead.  I think it’s going to be a great album.

In my opinion if it was released in 1989, Generation Wild would have had the same impact as the likes of albums from Skid Row and Motley Crue.  What are you guys planning musically as far as the 4th record goes?

Well it’s going to be similar.  The Crashdiet fans are going to recognise the Crashdiet sound, definitely.  You always get worried when you start writing material for a new album and wonder how much do you struggle to stay true to your regular sound.  You have your guidelines to work with, so it always comes out sounding like a Crashdiet song, even if we try not to you know haha!

I know you wrote around 50 tracks for Generation Wild, are any of those ideas and songs ones you might head back to?

We might head back, but the main goal is to write new tracks.  We’ve written around 20 new songs already and it’s always fun to work on writing new material.  Those other songs we didn’t put onGeneration Wild for a reason, for instance we had ballads back then and we couldn’t use them as there was no more room for ballads.  In that sense we might bring out some of the older songs, but in general we are concentrating on writing new songs and taking it from there.

For the single Generation Wild, you made a video so awesome, that MTV even banned the edited version, but who watches MTV these days anyway!  Did you ever consider releasing a 2nd video from the album?

We had some plans and unfortunately our record label wasn’t too interested in doing that.  We came to a decision whether we should do one ourselves and invest in it, or whatever.  We were supposed to do one, but it just didn’t happen.  Next time we are going to try and do that side of things a bit more structured.  If you ask me, I would like to do at least 2 or 3 videos per album.

Touring the world as you have been doing a bit of recently…have you got a picture of the types of people that seem to dig the music of Crashdiet?  For example here in Australia there seems to be a definite element of young rock fans getting into the band and the whole sleaze rock movement…

Definitely, our main audience I would say is between 15 and 20.  It’s always been like that for us, I think we have music that is perfect for the teenage kids that want to rebel against their parents  who control them.  I guess Crashdiet music gives them the fuel to do that.  I remember when I was that age it’s a really cool period and really uncertain and you need something and I guess for Crashdiet fans, we provide that.

Sitting over here in Australia, it seems that there is just an endless supply of awesome metal and rock bands that come from Sweden and that these bands must rule the radio etc over there.  However having been over to Sweden myself, I know this isn’t the case….how would you describe the level of popularity and recognition Crashdiet gets in your home country?

I would say musicians definitely know who we are.  Its often Hardcore Superstar who are carrying the flag for sleaze music over here. I guess we tend to have one foot in the underground, which is what we wanted to do all along.  Not to go too mainstream and I think we have succeeded with that and still people know who we are here.  When we do shows over here, lots of people do turn up and it’s moving steadily upwards.  The Swedes are a tougher crowd to please I would say as they don’t take lightly on stuff like changing singers 3 times and stuff like that. So it’s tough over here in that sense, but we are definitely a well recognised band here.

So any last messages for the Aussie fans in the lead up to your shows in October?

It’s going to be awesome coming down there and seeing how many of you guys turn up and we will have 2 great nights and see you at the bar after the show!

Well definitely, I personally will be at both Melbourne and Sydney shows, so at the bar it shall be!  Thanks for your time and see you here in October!

Definitely, definitely, thanks for having me!

* Be sure to catch Crashdiet at either of their Australian shows in October in Sydney on Thursday October 20th and in Melbourne on October 22nd.

Check out below when May The Rock Be With You’s very own photographer, Lens Of Rock captured Crashdiet at Sweden Rock Festival, 2011.

Generation Wild review by (5/5)

CrashDiet Generation Wild album new music reviewsource:

CrashDiet: Generation Wild

Melodic (Glam/Sleaze) Hard Rock

Some minor bookkeeping to start. CrashDiet’s latest, Generation Wild was released April 2010 on Swedish label Gain/Sony Music (and possibly elsewhere). Now signed to Frontiers in Italy the band is getting the push in North America and, again, I suspect elsewhere.

Generation Wild is CrashDiet’s third album with their third new singer, Simon Cruz. It also may be there best album to date (although their debut was also rather impressive). Generation Wild has solid musicianship with the vocal arrangements being particularly impressive. The songwriting, from lyric to arrangement, is cogent, dynamic, and refreshing. Little comparison should be made to the greats of the glam/sleaze/hard rock of yesteryear. CrashDiet has claimed the genre as their very own. And Generation Wild sounds terrific: crisp and roaring. Frankly, there is not a single bad song on this work.

Even with that said, let’s highlight a few tracks. So Alive rocks as clever and catchy. Rebel blisters with all the raucousness that made sleaze/glam so risque from the beginning. Save Her, a ballad of tragedy, displays CrashDiet’s sound songwriting, and Cruz’ fine vocal talent. For more satisfying and entertaining rock, the quick Down to the Dust and rowdy Generation Wild score big. With the rest, Generation Wild is easily another candidate for this Summer’s iPod playlist, and something to keep handy for your next road trip. Strongly recommended.

Interview with Sweet/Cruz by

Posted on Sunday, July 24 @ 18:16:05 EDT

New Metal Generation
by Tommy Hash

Scandinavia has produced it’s fair share of melodic rock, AOR, hair metal and sleaze metal artists, keeping the good time arena ready rock and roll in full form – the latter, sleaze metal or what some of you might call hair metal or glam metal has experienced a big rebirth over the years with newer bands coming out of the woodwork, offering up original material filled with massive hooks and huge melodies that prove the party never ended.

Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, CrashDiet are among many bands such as Wig Wam, Crazy Lixx, H.E.A.T., Houston, & Gotthard among others that fly the flag on their own term, bringing a familiar vibe to the table, but with a modern edge. at the end of a decade that not only shunned this type of music, but also glamorized depressing realities tailor made for ‘Generation X,’ CrashDiet was born, and with a deal from Universal music in the beginning, it seemed like this band would go on to conquer the world. But then horrible tragedy struck the band.

In early 2006, vocalist Dave Lepard committed suicide, an extreme shock to the band as Lepard was hiding depression from both friends and family – something like this, you never really get over, but you can move forward, andCrashDiet did just that, hiring H. Olliver Twisted, but his ensure would not last, as he would go on to front Reckless Love, another modern sleaze metal band. In 2009, Simon Cruz would replace Twisted and finally, the long awaited release of Generation Wild is hitting the racks. Out of tragedy, the band has seen many great fortunes, including opening for Ozzy, playing large festivals to tens of thousands of people, and have even had a music video banned from MTV, which has more of positive impact seeing how it heightens curiosity. Both vocalist Simon Cruz & guitarist Martin Sweet give insight to the new record and what keeps this band going.

Tommy Hash: How do you feel ‘Generation Wild’ turned out seeing how it’s the first album ou have done since Dave’s passing?
Martin Sweet: I think that with the new record, we went back to the original sound of CrashDiet, as the guys found their roots again, we all came in and made our contribution, it came out good.

TH: You guys had a video banned from MTV, usually something like that is actually good for a band.
Simon Cruz: it doesn’t matter if they play it on MTV because MTV sucks – (the thoughts about what might happen) all of that came about when had the ideas of making the video and when we filmed the video, we just went for it, we didn’t suspect that it was going to be banned.
MS: it’s sort of a good thing in a way because we got a lot of nice press in the papers, so it turned out to be good promotion. Maybe we should do a fucked up song so radio will play it.

TH: The lyrics are reflective of a more down to earth feel, what is it that inspires them?
MS: We took most of the lyrics just experiences we had in Stockholm, just doing different things in our lives and some characters in the songs were fictional, but based upon people that we have met.

TH: Martin, how is it that you personally approach a guitar solo
MS: I always like short and melodic solos, I have always been into memorable solos by Slash and Mick Mars, not a lot of show off, I used the same approach n this album.

TH: And then you have the new renaissance and rebirth of the sleaze metal scene, what is your experience with the audience reception?
MS: With great success, especially in places like Italy and Germany, the audience has been amazing as well.
SC: it’s starting happen The UK as well, we have been there quite a few times now, so things are happening there now, South America.

TH: Tell me about the SWU Festival in Brazil and opening up for Ozzy.
MS: I think I had the biggest adrenaline kick in my life when I went on stage in Brazil, with fifty thousand people there and you raise your hands and everybody claps along with you. – a big fucking crazy party
SC: I have always been a huge fan of Ozzy, so hat is something to put in my book

TH: Are there any tour plans at the moment?
MS: We have had some plans, we have spoken to various managers, Simon: we have to really plan it carefully if we are going to come over it we have to do it the right way. And we want to come to the states, so it’s going to be a big bang when we finally come over. We will be making the

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most of it.

Before Frontiers Records, you had a major label deal with Universal Music, what was it like being signed to a big label doing this type of music?
SC: When we were singed to Universal, It just fell into place for us at the time. We are currently signed to an independent label in Sweden called Gain Records who are owned by Sony, and we are distributed through Frontiers worldwide. We have nothing to compare it to, we loved it – but after a few setbacks, change of singers, we didn’t feel the same vibe as in the beginning, they faired a lot of people there were some and there were hardly anybody left at the label hat cared about us.

TH: You guys also have a DVD in the works.
MS: we were going to start to edit it this summer, but now all these tours that have come up, we are going to Australia, maybe back to the UK and a lot of other stuff, so we might wait until those tours are over so that we can collect everything from the generation wild area. We filmed quite a lot.
SC: Oh it’s a lot of stuff, it’s going to be fun and it’s going to be a great DVD, so it’s going to take some time to complete.
MS: We began filming the day Simon stepped into the studio with us for the first time, when he tried out for the band, so we have everything form then until now, so it’s going to be massive.

TH: Simon, The band had their eyes on choosing you to step up as the new frontman, what as it like for you to step into the band?
SC: We talked a little bit after Dave passed away, there really wasn’t anything happening then because I had another band. But later on I was in a different situation and heard that they kicked out Ollie. So we had met up, started hanging out and writing music together and it ended up astonishingly well, so it came together.

TH: What Else do you guys have planned?
MS: We had planned for another video but we are waiting on funding for it, the basic idea is there. We are going to be working on a new album soon, war Simon: we are starting writing songs, in writing mode.

Copyright & Publishing 2011: Tommy Hash for

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Generation wild (US) review by Metal Excess

Crashdiet – Generation Wild (2011, Frontiers Records)
Original Release: 2010, Universal Music/Gain Records)

1. “442″ … 0:54
2. “Armageddon” … 4:06
3. “So Alive” … 4:13
4. “Generation Wild” … 4:05
5. “Rebel” … 3:23
6. “Save Her” … 3:26
7. “Down With the Dust” … 2:47
8. “Native Nature” … 4:39
9. “Chemical” … 4:17
10. “Bound to Fall” … 4:16
11. “Beautiful Pain” … 4:42

Simon Cruz – Vocals
Martin Sweet – Guitar
Peter London – Bass
Eric Young – Drums

Producer: Johan Ramström and Patrik Magnusson

Crashdiet (or Crashdïet, if you prefer) are yet another glam/sleaze act from the country seems to have an unlimited supply of them — Sweden. Seriously, I bet you can’t drive down the road in that country without running over of these bands. I’ve heard and liked number of Crashdiet’s previous songs like “Riot In Everyone” and “It’s A Miracle” but for some reason I never got around to picking up an album. I’m sure high import prices are what kept my curiosity at bay. Generation Wild is their third release and also debuts their third vocalist — Simon Cruz. Cruz replaced Olli Herman (who left Crashdiet in 2008 to devote more time to Reckless Love) who replaced Dave Lepard (who commited suicide in 2006).

Well, what we have here is a reissue of the band’s 2010 album that was originally issued by Universal/Gain Records. They have since signed with Frontiers Records and this re-release looks to consummate the new deal. Though there are some international pressings of the original release with extra tracks, from what I can tell the only addition on the Frontiers version is the “442″ intro (Maybe a change in album art too?), so this reissue really is of no interest to anyone who already has the 2010 release, BUT… with Frontiers’ wider distribution, this album should be easier to come by for North American listeners and should most definitely be picked up.

By this time, most people should know what to expect from the glam acts of Sweden: parts Def Leppard, Motley, Guns, KISS, Skid Row, etc. Some acts are more polished and AORish than others, some acts are sleazier than others. I like both sides of the fence and apparently Crashdiet does as well because they are straddling said fence. The gang vocals and harmonies are very reminiscent of Def Leppard but songs like “Armageddon” and “Generation Wild” have just enough bite. In fact, the whole album has enough bite that you don’t feel like you’re listening to cheese that expired in the 1980s. Like most bands that play that modern glam, Crashdiet are exactly that: modern.

From all accounts, Crashdiet is a success in their home country if you define “success” as having your album debut at #3 on the album charts and then getting your music video for “Generation Wild” banned on your country’s version of MTV! It’s a shame there’s not a huge market for these bands in America. In the meantime, I’ll continue to enjoy the music Crashdiet creates. If you’re into Hardcore Superstar, Wildstreet, Vains of Jenna, Dirty Penny, Crazy Lixx, Reckless Love, Jettblack and so on, this is an album and band you should not miss out on.

Highlights: ”Armageddon”, “So Alive”, “Generation Wild”, “Save Her”, “Native Nature”, “Chemical”, “Beautiful Pain”

Order ‘Generation Wild’ from!

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Sweet interviewed by RockAAA

The skinny with Crashdiet

Crashdiet hope it’s third time lucky with Cruz in control

Reported by Eric MacKinnon

Published: May 3, 2011. © Rock AAA.

Crashdiet: Good chemistry


Crashdiet guitarist Martin Sweet is enjoying every second of his band’s UK headline tour – especially after going through hell in the not so distant past when the band teetered on the edge of the abyss.

Relations between the three original members of the Swedish sleaze band and then-singer Oliver Twisted had become so strained they could barely stand to be on the same tour bus together and Sweet reveals they dealt with the problem simply by knocking back as much booze as they could find.

Twisted was the band’s second singer after original frontman Dave Leppard killed himself in 2006 and Sweet admits there were times when he feared for the future of the band.

But now after the rockers, Sweet, bassist Peter London and drummer Eric Young, were joined by new man on the mic Simon Cruz it has proved to be third time lucky with Sweet admitting it feels right.

He told RockAAA: “We wanted to do music together but if we didn’t find the right singer then I guess it would have come to a point where we maybe couldn’t have continued with Crashdiet if a singer didn’t suit our style.

“We were kind of destructive at that time (final tour with Oliver Twisted) but we had to finish the tour. The only thing that worked to get us through the tour was drinking a lot. Hardcore Superstar were sponsored by Jagermeister at the time and we were drinking so much of that. In the end we had to drink to get through it.

“We weren’t really talking to Oliver by then which wasn’t easy when you are on the road together in the same bus. On the bus we slept and stayed in a separate part from him.

“The chemistry is really good now and we’ve been through a lot but the bad times make the good times even better. It is great to be a part of a fully functioning band where it doesn’t really matter how tough the tours are as long as the four of us are in it together – it’s perfect.

“Even when things were at their worst I never seriously thought about giving up music. I was born to do music and I’ll always find a way to stay in music and to make a living from it.”

The band are currently touring the UK for the second time inside a month and they are also planning on returning to the studio before the end of the year with the aim of releasing a new album early in the New Year. Sweet added:

“We’ve had some problems over the years and we didn’t always work with the right people. Some people seemed to be avoiding the UK for some reason but we’ve realised we have a lot of fans over here which is why we have come back so quickly again.

“When we go home later this year we’re going to seriously start writing but we just haven’t had time so far. Hopefully we will get into the studio in the fall and have a new album out early next year.”

Crashdiet: Generation Wild