Adept covers Crashdïet

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fizzy replied the topic: Adept covers Crashdïet

dsv218 wrote: Breakdown - check
Lame screaming vocals - check
Whiny clean vocals - check
Weak At the Gates rip-off guitar melodies - check
'Tough guy' douchebags with emo fringes - check.

I couldn't even listen to the whole song. After the second chorus i was anticipating the INEVITABLE breakdown that every single god damn metalcore band does in every single god damn song, and not to my surprise, they played one. So i turned it off. Absolutely horrible.

I cringe at the thought of them playing this song live, and picturing all of the emo cunts hardcore dancing and karate chopping the invisible ninjas during the breakdowns.

Dave is probably turning in his grave.

haha absoloutely agree here! I hate all these emo-fagggot-metal-core-screamo-what-the-fuckin-else-bands. Not entirely because of the music but way more because of the "lifestyle" they have. All this seems to be so faked and boring and to be frankly these boys looking fucking ugly with their (for their music style) way to tight jeans and way to colourful shirts with stupid prints on them. But sadly the kids seem to dig it nowadays judging musicmagz like "kerrang!" or what else.

btw I had to see one of these bands the other day and it was really bad, Ive "met" the guys at another venue the next day where we played a gig and they seemed to be so childish almost embarrising.

"So you ask me how it feels to be a stick in the wheel
I tell you honey it feels alright
to be another clog in the wrecking machine
wouldn't even cross my mind"

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