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Rest In Sleaze album (4.5 / 5)
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CRASHDIËT has finally released their debut full-length CD. Rock Eyez caught up with Dave Lepard earlier in the year for an interview. For a new band that needs the press, I was not happy how this interviewer was handled by the record company plus the promises from a particular woman at Stockholm records never materialized. But nevertheless lets get on with the review. This CD has been in the making for sometime now and I think that every second of the material of listening music is quite amazing. Lepard’s vocals are raw in the mold of Tom Keifer of CINDERELLA. What makes this CD fantastic is the collaboration of harmonies and background vocals on the style of DEF LEPPARD.

CRASHDIËT is a high-powered band that deserves more attention then they will probably get. “Riot In Everyone” will be burnt in to your mind FOREVER. It is pure classic rock n roll with screaming guitars, pounding drums and excitement. But the harmonies will make the song an anthem. These guys are the new age DEF LEPPARD which could reach superstar status. Let’s hope attitude and egos don’t ruin their climb to new heights. The production on the CD is perfection. If there is any band that can bring back the glam sleaze era it will have to be CRASHDIËT. If they can jump on a US tour and crack the market here it will be big time for the glamsters. Just imagine taking Tom Keifer, Stephen Percy, and Phil Lewis put them in a blender and you get Dave Lepard. The best track on the CD beside “Riot in Everyone” has to be “It’s A Miracle” it has that style that shows the boys are just not some hard ass Swedes with attitude. The song is pure AOR chart busting to a climax of a sensational CD.

Written in 2005 by Brian Rademacher

Here's another very early interview by Brian Rademacher who we later got good friends with! He was definitely one of the first - if not the first - American who supported our circus :P. Cheers Brian!

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