I know this is a year old but this band simply owns anything those dinos in Motley Crue are doing and simply needs more attention. It will be an excellent summertime party record and a great introduction to the band, who are reported to be releasing a new record very soon.  Crashdiet seem to have transported everything about 80′s sleaze into the present day but axed the girlish looks and ghostwritten Disney ballads. These dudes are anything other than clean cut but they’re not gonna be mistaken for women the way Ricki Rocket was back on the Sunset Strip, na’mean? As we briefly touched upon in our highlight on the rise of retro glam, this is a new monster and one with some legit mainstream traction over in Sweden. Despite having been through the turbulence of losing a lead singer, Crashdiet have come back ever stronger with a new found edge. And guess what? You can stream the whole record right here.

Between the opening “Armageddon”, the abrasive party anthem “So Alive” and the free-spirited title track, these are the songs that the former vanguard of 80s decadence now wish they could write. The sad thing is it’s an impossibility; songs with this kind of reckless energy and genuine conviction only come from the youthful excess of testosterone and a simultaneous knack for going against the grain. Even when they hang around the major keys, like on “Chemical”, Crashdiet manage to keep things razor sharp. Oh, and yes, they do switch to a minor key in the clutch. I dare you not to hum this one for the rest of the day. The meaty riffing of “Down with the Dust” also proves that they can hang with the heaviness of any late 80s Judas Priest record. On “Native Nature”, they do there best to up-end damn near anything Skid Row has ever done. By now, you get the idea. This band is absolutely phenomenal. Once this new record comes out, it’ll only take one US tour on the heels of, say, Aerosmith, and this band could make a serious dent in US hard rock.



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