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First of all, we would like to thank you all for the tremendous support and patience, even though we’ve been mostly silent for the last few years, we’ve always felt your love!

We are now entering the next chapter in this crazy world of CRASHDÏET. With that said, we would like to introduce a new member of the family…

From Stockholm, Sweden: Gabriel Keyes!

He is the new lead singer of CRASHDÏET and he is the guy that blew our minds a while back when we first heard his voice. Then we started hanging out, writing music and the chemistry was a fact. We can’t wait to let you hear him!


”Dietheads! I’m so fuckin’ excited to get this circus started! I’m here to give you a kickin’ experience both live and in the studio and I hope you all are lookin’  forward to it, caaause I fuckin’ do! See yaa out there! Big hugs!🤘🏻😘” - Gabriel


A brand new single called ”We are the legion” will be released on New Year's Eve!


Our first show with Gabriel will take place on March 30, 2018, at Kägelbanan in Stockholm, Sweden. Tickets will be available before you know it!


For full coverage of the new line-up, please get a copy of the December issue of Sweden Rock Magazine!

See you in a bit!



 Massive CRASHDÏET feature in December issue of Sweden Rock magazine!

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