I love this man!

This is Mr Pete Silver, my awesome new assistant.

He showed up like this last Wednesday when the whole Stockholm city was pretty much closed / out of function due to the snow chaos, the fact there were no buses or trains going made him 3 hours late, but he didn’t give up – god damn it, we had web shop orders laying around that had to be shipped :).

Because of him everybody is getting their ordered DVD’s in good time before Christmas. He’s also the reason I’ve had some time to work on our awesome forum lately which by the way is located at http://www.crashdiet.org/forum – check it out and join the fun :P

Pete Silver is also the reason I can relax and write this blog post instead of working my ass off shipping stuff. We just went out to get a bottle of Lord Calvert and we will start consuming it now.

Cheers everybody! Luv ya! :)


P.S Yes Psychobunny we are a nice team :)

Little London #1

I just found some photo albums laying around here, they’re kinda funny so I thought I should share the best shots with you!

Here’s me at the age of 5, pretty cool that I was a transvestite already, huh? I remember how I specifically enjoyed wearing a skirt and a wig, and I remember how I called myself “Lotta”.

Now I’m 30 and I still dress like a lady and wear make up, I guess some things never change really!


…and the result

And this is what happened a little later :

Still had an awesome time with my family!

The right answers for the pictures below are #1 Whiskey, #2 Bloody Mary, nice stuff!

I’m so hungover that I’ve forgot vital parts of the English language so communication is slow here, I’ll be back tomorrow with a brain that works I hope :) Good night!


Just a quickie :P

We’ve been shipping DVD’s like crazy all morning and I’m about to leave home in a second for a short cruise with my family so tonight there will be some awesome Christmas food on my plate and maybe a few Christmas drinks as well :P.

I will get back to you once I’m a little less in a rush :P. Cheers!


Twelve shots on the rocks

When I woke up this morning at 07.45, a little hungover, my first thought was this great album that I haven’t heard in years! I have so many memories from the time when it came out, it was in 2002 and they were gonna play at the venue “Klubben” in Sweden, I put on all the makeup I could find, spandex pants and teased my hair and went on the bus by my own and it was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, I wasn’t a big Hanoi fan before but that changed once Michael came on stage, damn, I was young & kinda though rock n’ roll was dead but he proved me wrong that night :P. My sister was with me too, she’s the one who introduced me to Michael Monroe when I was a kid (the Not fakin’ it album) and I think she was just as shocked as me ha ha.

Since then I’ve been collecting Hanoi stuff on a regular basis and they are my absolute favorite band in all categories.

Check this album out if you have missed it!


London the great artist

Look at this! It appears that I’ve been an artist almost my whole life, I was only 5 when I did this master piece :

Beautiful, huh?

Merry Christmas!


The first day of my new life

Damn, I’ve been day-jobbing every single day for I don’t know how long, but finally I’m having 6 days off in a row, I’ve waited so much for this time to come. Finally I can focus on stuff that really matters :P.

My assistant is here and he’s great, finally I can relax, the merch job get’s done without me doing 100% of it, it’s awesome.

We’re done with the album and it’s currently being pressed & printed, that’s a pretty awesome feeling too!

I have three projects I’ll play with for the following days :

You know what, I’ve succesfully converted our upcoming DVD to NTSC so the whole world can watch it and not only the PAL territories. Will be released later today! Still haven’t done the menus but will do so during the weekend.

As you’ve maybe already noticed, I’ve spent lot’s of time with our dear forum lately and it has become quite a lively little playground again. We have loads of plans for this place so check it out, www.crashdiet.org/forum ! I’m there 24/7 so pop in and drop me a line :P.
But yeah, there are still loads of little things that needs to be fixed so the forum has it’s own to do list basically, haha!

This one is pretty crazy! I’ve received quite a few complaints from Americans regarding the prices and huge taxes and shipping cost for our online store (no wonder at all) so guess what, I’m opening a separate store for you guys, located in Nevada, with prices that makes sense for you :). This is a quite a large project but the store should be open for business sometime in January.

So….  Guess I should get started with all three of the above :P. Stay in touch!



Back online!

Wow, I’ve had a couple of nervous days haha.

First the whole server hard drive went down, last Sunday night I think.

My server guy restored it so everything worked perfectly but then I screwed up and completely wiped our database instead hahaha!

We lost a couple of orders for the store but I’ll let my new assistant create them manually as I still have them on e-mail, so you guyz who have ordered stuff lately should not have to worry!

Gotta get home and cook lot’s of food as I’m working my 17 hours shift tomorrow. There are so much fun things going on right now in the CRASHDÏET camp and I hope I’ll have the time to share a few goodies with you tomorrow! Cheers!