Dark Decadence

I feel satan taking over my soul as the European tour gets closer!
Have you bought yer tikketz yet?


Tomorrow we start rehearsing (at a new place) for the DARK DECADENCE TOUR :)


21 thoughts on “Dark Decadence

  1. Course I got my ticket and that pic looks soooo cute *EG* If I lock you up in a cage can I keep you as a pet? I promise to feed you at least once a week *GG*

  2. Ticket was bought the day after it was announced! I don’t hang about. Hotel booked, train booked, debauched partying afterwards has been arranged. Bring on Nottingham!

  3. not for all gigs I’ll see…. because honestly I was way to lazy. and Batschkapp is never sold out anyway… (your german streetteam is of course trying to change that with a flood of flyers, so let’s just hope I’ll be crashlanding with this laziness)
    Can’t wait to see you again :)

  4. Im flying over from Toronto Canada to see the Folkestone and London show big guy! and I just got the logo inked into me ;)

  5. Martin is confused … He is a man of God and not Satan … God bless him today and always! … As with all group members of Crashdiet !

  6. no i dont have any :( im living i Finland and my parents won´t let me to sweden alone :/

  7. I’ve got my ticket! :) I can’t wait to see you guys at Manchester! So excited!!! :D


    • come again to south america, with the tooour *-* argentina and brazil love you guys

  9. need a high speed tikket (8) god damn it, I need to go to this tour, don’t you want to come back to brazil with hardcore superstar?

  10. Awesome! You should try use it at Halloween party! (;
    Btw, you have nice teeth (: