Uppsala summary

The gig yesterday exceeded all my expectations. Fantastic crowd & great after party! I was a bit worried about the age limit of 25, but luckily we have older fans too ;) Thank you Uppsala!

I had to cut my hair and trash cans seamed to be unheard of at flustret.

Since it´s Dave Lepard´s home town we paid a visit to the Lepard store.

We had time for a litte photo session just before the gig.

Warm up.

I dont have a lot of evidence from the gig or the after party yet…

…but this is how I looked this morning;)

over n out


13 thoughts on “Uppsala summary

  1. Hehe, thanks for the update. Looks like you had lots of fun and you do have some older fans indeed *cough* Yep, I know THAT look in the morning. I tend to avoid mirrors until after my second cup of coffee *G*

  2. Why do you only put pictures of Martin? And the other band members? They also deserve to have their photos on the blog. Get off Martin.

  3. Haha, looks awesome.
    But what about young fans? I hate those age limit things – so many gigs and concerts I can’t come to..

  4. Look like you had fun! Gotta visit “The Lepard Store” omg. I’ve heard about it,and it is.. awsome.

    But can’t you guys just give age-limits a kick in the ass for beeing so high? We “kids and teens” are almost banned from the awsome concerts. D:<

    Anyways, glad you had fun!

  5. These pics make me happy (it’s Sunday today, so I need a lot of happiness xD). Btw all these pics are really natural and amazing ’cause they have something special… You look like street guys (; Just boys who wanna have normal live (: That’s cool!
    But how’s a gig? You said that gig exceeded all your expectations – but tell something about mood at the gig (:
    And what about after party? (;

  6. hahah sjukt snygg, Sweet.
    Har funderat: man kan hitta Erik, Martin och Peter här och på twitter… men var fan är simon? :O

    • Lurte jeg å på i en stund (Twitter), så fant jeg han… Han heter cruzsimon, men er han er aaaldri på. :p Ikke Erik heller.
      Har ikke peiling på hvor han er her. ? :o

      Er du smart, så forstår du Norsk. :p