10 thoughts on “Equipment #1

  1. Loving the updates Mr Sweet! Free from school today and bored so this is making my day go faster ;)

  2. Rrrrright, always my first weapon of choice. Blood is the new black *G*

  3. What are you guys up to now? B)
    Nomatter what it is, I’m sure it will be great

  4. Definitly necessary.
    btw, you guys are like… a few miles from Stockholm. And i can’t get to you.
    Frustrating or WHAT.

  5. Is this a bore? No way! (; Awesome! xD It’s like a thriller (;
    I know: it’s thriller show! xD (with Martin Sweet, of course – “Ladies and gentelman: I’ll give you Martin Sweet from CRASHDÏET with his show called ‘Martin Sweet’s thriller show!’ And here’s Martin Sweet!”)…
    I know, I have awesome imagine! (;

  6. I was there, it was awesome!! I drove from Västerås to Uppsala to see you Grabbar =) every second was worth it!! It´s a high to see you on stage I loved the energy and the blood and the bucket of urine =) So when are you comming to Västerås again?? Sigurd vill ha ER!! Fortsätt göra det ni gör för ni är Bäst!! XOXOXO