While we´re still on the subject… I was tryin some new ideas for merchandise and came up with this.. What do you think? Would you wear this?
It´s for girls obviously…

over n out

51 thoughts on “CRASH-Fashion

  1. That’s the hottest piece of clothing I’ve ever seen. One of my favorite pics and everything. Imagine walking around with that at the summer gigs. I would buy it.

  2. schnyggg. Ja en självklarhet för mig. Suktar dock efter en munktröja, sönderklottrad med crashdiets band-logo och färg överallt…
    Menmen. Linne duger gott >:D ;)

  3. I’m not a girl, but a can tell that a girl wearing this is definitely sexy… very nice piece…

  4. I don’t like white shirts much but I probably would wear that one, yeah.

  5. definatly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and if you want to make me über happy, make the print in purple *puppy eyes*

    • Hehe, trust you to want it in purple, too :P.

      I’d wear it because I LOVE finding long shirts in that style. Hate being so tall XD

  6. Woah, it’s amazing! I’d like to see it also in other colour… maybe black :D But anyway’s really beautiful in white!

  7. I have this kind of shirt with Angelina Jolie – my T-shirt is black.
    But asa girl I can say that I would wear sth like this… Love this pic and I like clothes in white, black and gray colors (;

  8. Wow! I fell in love with this thing!
    Best of all merchandise here.. for me :)))

  9. HELL YES ~ I’d wear it! Absolutely perfect! Can you make them up quick in time for London?

  10. I’d wear it too :) I love tank tops. They’re comfortable AND sexy. And perfect for hot weather. Or at concerts ofcourse. I’m always sweating like a pig at concerts.

  11. fuck yeah!!!! I would totally wear that! you guys look very hot on shirts!!!

  12. man! so nice, should make a full back wifebeater version for be all over it!