80s fashion

It seams the 88s fashion is here to stay! Saw this today at an H&M store;)

13 thoughts on “80s fashion

  1. OMG!!! I think I’m blind. You wouldn’t see me dead wearing this. I hope you didn’t do any shopping there… o.O

  2. -.- I’m used to feel special with skintight pants and bright coloured sneakers, and I want it to stay that way, thanks!

    • As long as you’re not wearing anything like those pants up front… *G* I prefer black as a main colour, thank you very much

    • Really? Here in Sweden, skintight pants have been the most common things for girls to wear at least for 3+ years now. No guys are complaining ;)

  3. I like the fashion from the 80s. But in the other hand I don’t like too big design… Just like clothes wich have too much colors (;

    • Btw I prefer Marylin Monroe’s style – simple and so elegant But with some rock’s additions (;

  4. I am shopping alot on H&M, but never ever fashion, can’t stand it, really. Yes, it is pretty, MAYBE, but I would never wear it. I’m driving my oown style. 8]]

    Haha, look for å black and white-stripe shirt, I’ve got that awsome shirt. :p

  5. Oh yeah, I’ve noticed. It is somehow getting popular again.
    I think I’ll stick to the good, old Sleaze style x]

  6. Those looked so ugly.
    really how can you even thinking of paying for those :O