20 thoughts on “Nerd…

  1. Yeah, guys and multitasking *G* And besides sleep is being overrated so work! And those pics are fucking cool – my Droid needs new wallpapers anyway, ha!

  2. I knew you had to admit it one time or another that you where a nerd… :p ahah.. just kiddin’.. I think it is god you are putting this much effort to make this website rockin’. m/

  3. Meh, when I click the link, I’m not logged in anymore. But when I go to the previous page (so, this one) I’m logged in again.. Weird stuff :s

    • Forgive them for they know not (always) what they do *G* I guess there is still some heavy work going on here and everything will be back to normal soon. At least I hope so…

      • Yeah I’m not blaming anyone ^^ it didn’t bother me/happen when I visited other pages. So, no probs :3

  4. The only thing which I can say after seeing those pics is *WOW WOW WOW* :D
    You guys look amazing ;)

  5. All pics are amazing! I wanna see some of them ass my wallpaper at my room and at my computer…
    These pics can be wallpapers and they could hang at the selling… When I open my eyes I see all band… Awww! Awesome! (;

  6. Oh, it’s definitely worth the work. Great job with the page!
    Love the pictures!

  7. 4:e bilden är klart bäst, ingav en stark lagkänsla på något sätt… Ha det gött och lycka till :)

  8. very beautiful pictures *o* i loved it. the new website is so fuckin’ perfect <3

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