My first tattoo

We had some fun on Eric´s birthday bash e few weeks ago ;)

18 thoughts on “My first tattoo

  1. LOL! I hope you knew what you were doing there… ok, it looks like you did… and he didn’t even scream… or did he? *wicked grin*

  2. uhm…. actually it DOES look as you didn’t know what you’re doing hahaha. poor eric.

    • Gotta love a guy with a masochistic streak, don’t you think? *G*

      • I’m not so sure about that…

        sorry Master Sweet, but if I ever happen to see you with a needle in your hand I’ll most certainly run.

        • Yeah, me too. I got a needle phobia anyway and it just got worse.

          • lol just noticed it’s not even eric who’s beiing tortured…I just saw a heavily tatooed arm and stopped thinking appearantly. D:

  3. Funny. I think that hurts, no wonder they have replaced the screaming with the music! :p
    .. I think I’ll take my tattoo in Norway.. For.. Personal and weird reasons! :p

  4. Awesome! You should try it as a autograph! But why Peter has your tattoo? Why he? Is he a bad boy – is it a punishment? (;
    Really fun and cool video… When I want to do myself a tattoo, I know where I can find a good person, who do a tattoos (:

  5. I was thinking of getting a tattoo myself in the distant future(and I do mean DISTANT due to my phobia of needles, which I was 60% ready to overcome)….but after seeing this video…well let’s just say that I’m kind of squeamish (and my phobia’s crept up)!!!
    Although an autograph I’d definitely like…. :D

  6. hey martin, didnt know this was up on the blog haha..
    tattoo has healed nicely, people keep on asking me tho, what the fuck happened to my arm? NO REGRETS, had a great time with you guys, now i just need to get ahold of Simon to fulfill the project, maybe when you guys play in Norway this summer! cheers! izzy :)

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