Morning thoughts!

The bread I baked last night turned out completely awesome. Ha ha, who knew that I, when turning 30, would spend my Sunday nights baking bread.

It’s really calming actually, to bake and cook. And I need all those calming things because I so easily get stressed up over things, more stressed than necessary. Eric gave me a book about mindfulness and it has already helped a little, gotta keep reading and practicing though. I need to learn all the tricks or I’ll have a heart attack when I’m 40.

This fall will be a little bit tough I think because I decided that I needed some money for once so I’m working 46 hours or more a week + doing all the usual CRASHDÏET stuff with the web shop and all that and I’ll do all in my power to write you these little blog updates, I might need some support here ha ha so I’ll probably be good at it + I’m sober now and that makes things like this much easier :).

I have this song idea on my mind that I can’t get rid of, it’s a song about me ha ha so I have to try and record it but first I have to go find a very special necklace of mine, don’t know where it is and I can’t really relax until I know where I have it because it’s very unique hmm…

Will get back to ya during the day!


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