Morning thoughts!

The bread I baked last night turned out completely awesome. Ha ha, who knew that I, when turning 30, would spend my Sunday nights baking bread.

It’s really calming actually, to bake and cook. And I need all those calming things because I so easily get stressed up over things, more stressed than necessary. Eric gave me a book about mindfulness and it has already helped a little, gotta keep reading and practicing though. I need to learn all the tricks or I’ll have a heart attack when I’m 40.

This fall will be a little bit tough I think because I decided that I needed some money for once so I’m working 46 hours or more a week + doing all the usual CRASHDÏET stuff with the web shop and all that and I’ll do all in my power to write you these little blog updates, I might need some support here ha ha so I’ll probably be good at it + I’m sober now and that makes things like this much easier :).

I have this song idea on my mind that I can’t get rid of, it’s a song about me ha ha so I have to try and record it but first I have to go find a very special necklace of mine, don’t know where it is and I can’t really relax until I know where I have it because it’s very unique hmm…

Will get back to ya during the day!


27 thoughts on “Morning thoughts!

  1. Glad cooking gets your stress out. Us Italians always say that’s the best way to let go stress besides killing ahahahah ;). Age has nothing to do with cooking I’ve been doing it since I was six don’t worry you are not getting old ahahah. I know how you feel about money I just started my job this week and I already want more hours. Its so stressful starting a new job though. God I hate when I miss place things and I do it all the time! My brain seriously sucks!!!! I hope you find it so you can relax. Glad to hear that you are staying healthy and sober keep it up! Love ya xoxox

  2. Wow, you’re up early – good morning. Work is good but don’t overdo it. Money is very useful but it’s no use when you break yourself up getting it. But then again you’re still young and bouncy, hehe. Just make sure you don’t hit the walls too hard :-P

    Ha, I’ve been searching for my bone necklace for days and still haven’t found it. I know it must be somewhere and I really miss the bugger. Shouldn’t have taken it off in the first place, hmpf. Hope you’ll find yours quickly. Things like this tend to distract one – it’s like a itch you can’t scratch.

    Have a productive day my friend and don’t forget to give the credit card company peeps some hell and brimstone. Keep my fingers crossed you’ll succeed.

    • Yeah it sucks when you can’t find your little things, hope you find yours soon! Yes I’ll call them and raise some hell haha, I’m not giving up on this one haha.

      Have a nice day my friend :)


  3. Good morning Peter. It’s good to read about you being more calm and doing things like baking to reach that feeling. I know what you’re talking about (the stress and feeling nervous) because I also get stressed too much over everything so in the future I’d also have to find something what brings a little peace into my mind. Working too much might be hard for you but we all here support you and we’re sure you can make it through this fall. Stay sober and things will turn out well! And have a nice day, I’m about to go buy some food so if you need anything, let me know :P. Greetings!

  4. morning Peter :)

    baking and cooking is good and mostly delicious things arise.
    It is mostly , if you look for a thing then you don’t find it, but when you not look for these thing you’ll find it.

    good luck to find your nacklace :)

  5. I am very happy that you're getting better!
    if I can make a suggestion even animals can relax a lot!
    particularly cats (at home I have about 10)!
    Cooking is also a good idea!
    Many people relax doing cakes, but I prefer the pasta dishes, always cook pasta with tomato and I like to put in the sauce always something different!
    good luck :)

    • wow do you really have 10 cats? are you a crazy cat lady? :P. what kind of cats do you have? //LONDON

      • ahaha .. no, no!
        I only have 20 years, usually the crazy cat lady are old, no? ahaha .. anyway my parents are animal lovers and my cats have all been abandoned.
        I live in the countryside and unfortunately many people abandon cats near my house.
        I also have a dog! ahaha
        I grew up with animals and I can assure you that many times better than humans! ;)
        have you ever had cats at home? :)

        • yes animals are much nicer than humans. I never cared much for humanity but I LOVE animals. I’ve had several cats, right now I have none though but that will change on day :). nice to hear someone’s taking care of abandoned cats, it made my day. say hi to your parents and wish them good luck from me :) //LONDON

          • My exact same feelings. Animals don’t betray you either or stab you in the back. You must be missing the fluffballs terribly :(

            I’m petless too since my beloved bunny Merle died last year. Just couldn’t bring myself to get a new one yet. Maybe next year…

    • 10 cats, wow, must be pretty funny over there! ;) I have 2 myself, they also were homeless so I decided to bring ‘em here and take care of ‘em. And it’s already 6 and half years, wow, time’s passing by so quickly. Had 4 before but 2 went missing… And I also prefer animals way over human :P. Take care of your kittens! :)

  6. Our mind is the most powerful weapon and it can guide us evrywhere if we can’t understand how we want it to work, even in bad paths!
    Good luck in your mind-training, is one of the most difficult things to do, but it’s worth it!!! And then you’ll feel as the world is in your own hands!!
    You can definitely do it! ;)
    Big huuuug!!

  7. Ahah but you can’t get stressed because you don’t find your necklace.. Well in fact I’m a liar ahah, I’m also a kind of always-and-easily-stressed person ahah … Hope you find your necklace (:

  8. Hah, I’m thinking about trying to bake this bread too. Not sure yet, I usually destroy everything around me and maybe it will be too difficult for my skills. :D I’ll see.
    It’s nice to see that you have a… hobby? Well, something that makes you feel calm. Stress is such a horrible thing. Hope that the book will also help at least a bit.
    Well, working is good, but, please, take care about yourself and don’t forget to rest too! :) We support you in all ways.
    Have a nice rest of the day! :)

    • As long as my sleeping patterns works I should be fine :). So far so good. But thanks for the kind thoughts! Take care :) //LONDON

  9. Mindfulness and baking are a match made in heaven!

    If you like mindfullness you should really read a book from the Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh! Mindfullness is a actually just one aspect of Buddhism and, in my opinion, if you really want to achieve your goals for some inner peace, you should really study the whole concept. This perticulair monk is a master in explaining Buddhism in a very relaxed and down to earth way, his words alone calm you down already. And he has some interesting views on food and dieting as well!

    • Yeah you’re right… I only know a little about Buddhism but the little things I know are awesome – seems like a very clever and healthy way of thinking and dealing with life. Within time I’ll dig deeper into all that just gotta take it in small steps you know :). //LONDON

  10. Glad to hear you found what you had been looking for. Was it in an obvious place or some place unconventional? If it was an obvious place, your lucky. I on the other hand always miss place stuff and find it in an unconventional place. Case in point, was looking for a braclet about a month back, went through my apartment like a tornado trying to find, gave up, a week later opened the freezer to take out some stakes, and found it!?!?!?

    • Haha well that’s probably some kind of a record, right? I’ve never found my lost things in the freezer. Haha. My bracelet was in my bag so it was a pretty obvious place yeah…. //LONDON

  11. Well that is good that you are doing something productive, something totally different with your everyday life. I just recently (like yesterday) found out about this band and stuff, I like the music a lot so I will continue listening to this band…
    I think it is really cool that you are giving your life to freedom instead of giving your life to alcohol. Don't get me wrong its okay to drink every now and then ( not that I would know anyway because I'm not old enough to drink and I don't choose to).
    So to say I'm proud of you for giving up your chains and starting a new start in life…. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

    • Cool! Welcome to our community, hope to see ya around! Thanks for encouraging words. Have a lovely day :P //LONDON

  12. Peter, you said something about a song being your head about you. Another Alter Egon album maybe? :D