Back to Stockholm!

I’m on my way back to the stressful city life now, feels ok though, these 24 hours of peace really did good!

I’m reading about iPhone 5 everywhere and even a few of my friends are waiting for their brand new phone, well I’m getting an iPhone 4 by the end of the month and I’m extremely thrilled about that as I’m not too happy about the camera on my 3GS…. Hope that iPhone 4 will inspire me to post more photos on this blog. Right now I feel there’s no point really hehe.

I’ll bake some zero carb bread tonight and I’ll sign some super important papers with some distributors for the upcoming album. Our single is very likely finished now and pretty much ready for release very soon. Life is good!

Can’t wait to hear your reactions on the single.. I’m thinking maybe it would be cool to print 500 physical copies of it and sell on our store only. What do you think?! :)

See ya around!


28 thoughts on “Back to Stockholm!

      • I’m not buying I’m getting one for free.

        I can hardly afford food so buying a phone is not really in the picture right now :P //LONDON

  1. Great idea about the single – would buy one for sure.

    Btw, you got email – would be cool if you could reply by tomorrow so I can re-arrange my plans for next weekend. Sorry for being pushy as it’s all a bit on short notice :(

  2. Whatever the single will be, hopefully it’s not “Circus”, it’s a nice song but sounds more like a bonus track, there’s just something cheesy about it :P. But maybe it’s the demo production. Have a good afternoon!

  3. Yeesss !! :)
    I’m looking forward to the single :)

    Is it getting better with your sleeping problems?

    enjoy your day :D

  4. iPhone 4 is good :) I have one now. I don’t know how much difference it is compared too the ones there but I’m sure you will enjoy it.

    I can’t wait too hear the first single. The demos that you guys have posted have been absolutely amazing just like they always are. I mean after all, it is Crashdïet and you guys can do no wrong. :D

    Btw, where should I send fan art or tattoos? :) I took pictures of the drawings before I gave them too you all and then me and my dad of course have tattoos.

    Be safe out there!

  5. Wow dude!!!!!!I cant fckn wait 4 single!!!!!!!Circus and Change the world are awesome!!!!!!!!Hope i’ll listen this till’ Helloween)
    And//i write some question on email bout merch…but theres no answer( was on yer birthday seems.
    So!!!wish you a nice week!!good luck with single!!

    • Sorry I was so drunk during the days around my birthday haha. I’ll check all unanswered e-mails tomorrow. Thanks. Take care //LONDON

      • Hahaha,Peter so Peter))yer liver’s unhappy))However,mine too))OK i’ll be waiting.

  6. I think a very good idea and after selling the 500 copies will be no possibility of free internet upload this single? for those of us away and we have no credit card… hahahahaa and to promote by all radio and magazines of every country where they have fans.

  7. Fuck yeah!!! Can’t wait for the single!!! I’m starving for some RnR!!! :D
    I think it’s a great idea to sell copies from your store.. you’re always a step ahead and you know how to keep your fans “heated”!! Fair point!
    Huge hug!!

  8. I think the single idea is awesome I actually just ordered some merch just now xD. Yea you will enjoy that new phone it’s honestly the same but the camera is amazing! I love taking pics and video on it. I just saw from a previous post that fans can send in tattoos that’s great to know because I just started my Crashdiet sleeve which is dedicated to Dave Lepard. It’s honestly going to be an amazing piece and I can’t wait to show it to you especially in person when you come back to NYC. There is so much detail in it and its taking for ever but it will be done very soon.So exciting! Take care of yourself and enjoy your bread ;). Love ya xo

  9. Yes on the single being printed! We’re a little tight on money too, but if I have a few extra dollars I’ll buy one so we can be equally poor, hehe.

  10. good idea,i wish i could have one copy if it’s convenient for my friend to get one for me ~ XD come on my boy~