Back to Stockholm!

I’m on my way back to the stressful city life now, feels ok though, these 24 hours of peace really did good!

I’m reading about iPhone 5 everywhere and even a few of my friends are waiting for their brand new phone, well I’m getting an iPhone 4 by the end of the month and I’m extremely thrilled about that as I’m not too happy about the camera on my 3GS…. Hope that iPhone 4 will inspire me to post more photos on this blog. Right now I feel there’s no point really hehe.

I’ll bake some zero carb bread tonight and I’ll sign some super important papers with some distributors for the upcoming album. Our single is very likely finished now and pretty much ready for release very soon. Life is good!

Can’t wait to hear your reactions on the single.. I’m thinking maybe it would be cool to print 500 physical copies of it and sell on our store only. What do you think?! :)

See ya around!


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