Dear friends!

I’m kinda amazed about all the supportive comments on my last post. Thank you for that :). I’ll call the suckers to make a scene first thing on monday morning!

I’m also in an ongoing argument with a guy who’s in charge of a certain German festival but it’s probably better if I shut up about that right now. You’ll hear the full story later anyways I guess!

I’m at my parents country house right now and my internet connection is really bad, which is kind of nice btw. It’s really peaceful here, a red little house by the lake and all that, it’s awesome.

I guess I should shut off all my electronic devices and just enjoy the peaceful atmosphere out here. I’ll get back to ya tomorrow! Thanks for reading my crap. Luv ya!


16 thoughts on “Dear friends!

  1. Don’t forget to call on Monday.. :-p ahaha! (Sorry for my bloody sarcasm.. I can’t stop it! I always forget everything too.)
    That sounds good: peaceful and in the middle of the nature.. you totally deserve it! And it’s always a pleasure reading a blog of a humble person, it gives hope!
    Have a relaxing weekend.. :)
    Big hug!

  2. Good luck!
    I heard that there are many those little red houses in Sweden, nice! I guess there’s a beautiful countryside, hah, I hope you’ll enjoy the peace and quiet there. :)
    Have an awesome evening and weekend too, of course. :)

  3. wooow i love those red swedisch houses :D
    we have such a country house in sweden too ;)
    love to be there, it just happens too seldom
    which lake is it? Mälaren, I guess? :)

  4. That’s awesome that you are relaxing and clearing your mind at a peaceful place. I think it will do you very good especially with all the bullshit going on. Would love to escape everything and go away for a days and shut myself off You made the right choice about starting a scene I would have done the same. Enjoy! Love ya! -Rita

  5. Sounds exactly like the peace and quiet you need to recharge your batteries. But don’t get too peaceful so you have enough bile left to make a scene when you call the bank/credit card supplier on Monday ;-)

    Erm, I hope you’re not talking about the one next weekend… I do have a question or two on that one so I’ll probably mail you tomorrow on Monday.

    Enjoy the lake and quiet and be good *hugz*

  6. hahahahah !! awwwww!!!! sounds lovely! hope you have a great peaceful time Peter !! :D <3

  7. is always a pleasure read your blog!
    I feel as if you were my friend! even if you live in faraway Sweden, but luckily iinternet reduces the distance! :)
    a big hug! :)

  8. Enjoy your day Peter, have a really peaceful and calm one, you need a break and rest :). If you need to talk about anything or any issues, I’m here whenever you need me ;). Bless you my friend!

  9. if thats of any comfort, pretty much everyone, even fans, are in arguments with people in charge of a certain german ferstival :P

    • Haha :) Yeah I got your e-mail but haven’t managed to respond yet, sorry! See ya tomorrow then, awesome! :) //LONDON

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