Time for some cognitive behaviour therapy!

Alright, so I’m fucking pissed of now! Or am I?

It’s for some cognitive behavior therapy right here at my own blog!

Some guy in Nigeria bought a lot of merch from us during the summer. I got so freaking happy that we’re gaining fans in Nigeria finally haha so I gladly shipped the stuff and actually had conversations with the guy.

A little later the bank contacted me to let me know that it was a credit card fraud, well, that’s a bummer, but I supposed I was protected against stuff like that.

You know, if VISA’s credit card 3d-security fails then Peter London, the bass player of CRASHDÏET is probably not the one to be held responsible. Or?

10 days ago I got another e-mail from the bank where they requested more information regarding one of the purchases above. It’s a little complicated for me to find the exact order so I though OK I do this a little later. Then I forgot about it.

Today our credit card payment provider sent me another e-mail telling me they’ll take the money from us for the purchase above  (€185) because I didn’t send them that info within the 10 days they suggested. Because I forgot to do it. I got in touch with them and they made it clear that there is nothing I can do about it.

So how should I act :

1. Get even more pissed and spend days finding someone to blame and waste all my energy on that.
2. Learn the lesson (if a bank e-mails you the little people like me gotta fucking respond instantly that’s just the way it is) and move on and forget about the $185 (it’s only money anyways) and be happy that you and your family is healthy and all that and that 2013 is gonna be awesome. And that dude in Nigeria is probably wearing our logos and all that right now, doing some great promotion, haha!
3. ……………. type your suggestion here ………..

Any ideas? :)


29 thoughts on “Time for some cognitive behaviour therapy!

  1. Write for confide is good!
    Listen to metal, and a bit of classical music after that … It helps a lot :D
    And don’t forget to do these important things! ;)

  2. Say you were reluctant to respond via email as you’d already been scammed once. As they contacted you to let you know it was a fraudulent transaction you expected them to be on top of the details. Don’t just roll over on this one but try not to get too worked up, life’s too short :)

  3. hahaha great, probably he wear it while doing fishing in Nigeria hahaha

    *btw, will order thing from you soon Vinyl and some stuff, do you think if possible for me to get Crashdiet signature by then?

  4. that sounds familiar….
    I always tend to think it’s better getting fucked over and played with material wise than with your head and soul… so I’d say move on about.
    (also if they have that 10 rule it’s probably hard to find someone responsible)

  5. Banks are money-sukers. They never do something wrong (…..!!!) and you’re not supposed to make mistakes.
    Fuck them!
    You can always link your 1st and 2nd point.. and the 3rd could be that if you still have energy after blaming and blasting, you can convert it into a positive one: you wanted to do some training.. here you are! Being pissed sometimes is a good thing.. I always try to take it on the otherside..
    Have a good day ;) X

  6. Don't give up! Like some other commenters said, it was a misunderstanding and the bank should not refuse to help you just because you were "too busy" to return the details within ten days. I mean Christ, you run this whole business by the looks of it! Call again and see if you can speak to someone else. :) Then if all that fails, go with Option 2. Nigeria is a well-known catch word for fraudulent emails though, so maybe read up on that stuff so you won't get fooled again! Best of luck xx.

  7. I'm sorry for the bad situation!
    I understand you!
    Here in Italy the banks and the government do these things all the time!
    my family is not very rich, and my parents constantly make sacrifices in order to pay taxes (sounds like the story of Robin Hood, but trust that things are really like that!)
    But even if I don't have a lot of money I am a very happy girl! :)
    Like you said a few days ago, with a few things you are more free (so I could consider myself very free then ahahahaha).
    here in Italy there is a movie very old, but very nice called 'Poor but beautiful'… so don't think about this little incident: thinks you're beautiful, young, free, etc etc…
    I do it all the time and it always works! ;)

  8. Tell the bank bollox you’re not paying the money as it’s not your fault. They’re the one providing this “secure” service and any fraudulent transactions against your account is in my eyes a breech of their service agreement. Why should you be charged? I hate bankers! Upto you if you fancy fighting with them? You are right! It is just money, money you’ve worked your ass off for. They’ve got alot more money than you! Any happy Friday lol ;p x

  9. really annoying… If I am you just now, I can’t forget that for a while. However, something good goes to you next. That’s true!!

  10. Hitta ett lopptorg. Köp ca 125 st porslinsmuggar. Hitta ett berg. Kasta en mugg I taget I bergsväggen samtidigt som du skriker "SAAAAAAAAAAAAATANS BYRÅKRATI!" Och lite andra svordomar. Sen går du hem och betalar räkningen. =)

  11. ok so today it’s the day of the swearings… yes think that money comes back, health doesn’t. and me i am fucking pissed off cause i’ve got a labyrinthitis which is the worst thing that can happen to a singer and the swedish healthcare is not helping me.
    Bute next time you should give priority to this kind of stuff, well we learn by our mistakes!
    ps: swear a lot, swearing and cursing is the only thing that is helping me at the moment.. shold i need some cognitive beheavour therapy as well? :P

  12. Oh I know how you feel – those are the things that really piss me off mightily. They could have given you a 2nd chance to provide them with the requested information, dammit.

    Do you guys have a lawyer or maybe an accountant? If yes I would discuss it with him. If no try to get hold of some higher ranking people at the credit card company and try to discuss the matter with them. Actually when you called the company after the 2nd mail you should have told them that you actually never got their email and therefore could not react. You’re too honest sometimes ;-) If all else fails go for option 2) and think about changing your credit card provider.

    Oh, and never ever send anything to Nigeria again until you got the money on your account! We had such trouble in the company before. They wanted quotes for lots of pump spare parts and wanted to pay via credit card. We said no, bank transfer only and never heard from them again.

  13. Oh man that’s really too bad ! Hope for you that 2013 is gonna be great. Don’t give up, I had pretty the same problem last year, couldn’t do anything too. Guess that such things sometimes happen in life. Don’t give up, listen to good music and your problem will soon be forget.

  14. Option 1, combined with the state of mind of option 2. Think about all the great Crashdiet plans you could invest those 185 dollars in!!!

  15. I’m sorry for what happened and I think you should do option 1 and 2.. hope the best for you mwah!

  16. Wow! that really sucks!
    I have no idea how i would react on this… i think its the best to forget it… at least you learnd a lesson about those 10 days answering time…

  17. Jeez, that sucks ass.

    I’m with everyone else…I’d fight the good fight a little bit longer. Especially if their 10 day policy wasn’t explicitly stated, there should be some chance for you to fight their decision. I love how positive you are, even when things like this happen…but 185 dollars is a lot of money, you know? That’s food, or gas, or studio time, etc. I’m glad you found the good in a bad situation – how else can you survive in this world? – but if I were you, I wouldn’t give up quite yet. :)

  18. shit happens !!

    Take number 2, forget the shit as quickly as possible and if you’re pissed off or angry at something beat a punching bag.
    It keeps you fit and you feel then freed :D

    Sleep well sweety and don’t think too much about it ;)

  19. Try and play the game their way and write a firm but polite letter appealing against their decision and the costs involved and give them some sort of made up explanation for the delay in your response in the hope that they might be sympathetic. It may seem that you are kissin arse but if it works you wont have to pay the costs and you will win in the end. Otherwise write it off to experience, have a beer and move on – we will look out for a new (polite??????)song on the album about bankers!

  20. I know you must feel really pissed off right now but what you said in #2 sounds like the best plan! Have some fun with your friends, have a good moan about it, learn a lesson from it (i.e. emails from Nigeria are always a scam), and in a week or two you will be over it :) xXx.

  21. 1- I suggest you talk to the person at the bank where there was this problem (Agneta Blomberg) and try to explain it better either personally, that oblivion was not on purpose but because it is a band that were currently recording a cd and really why you forgot, and see if they can make an exception. I do not know the laws of Sweden ahaha but here in Argentina we can sometimes solve issues that are so. or 2 – would that advice also an attorney to see what possibilities there are to not have to pay.

  22. Listen to the cd Exodus-Another Lesson In Violence really loud! Run around your room while listening and headbang. You will feel much better afterwards…:-)

  23. Yea I agree with Bex Nash.It’s very weird that somone in Nigeria brought merchandise from you guys…most people from Nigeria are scammers they will try anything they can do to steal your money (so you should be very careful when dealing with transactions)

  24. As for option 3……I can not say do to my perv. thinking. I am sure you will figure it out =) I have faith in you.