Time for some cognitive behaviour therapy!

Alright, so I’m fucking pissed of now! Or am I?

It’s for some cognitive behavior therapy right here at my own blog!

Some guy in Nigeria bought a lot of merch from us during the summer. I got so freaking happy that we’re gaining fans in Nigeria finally haha so I gladly shipped the stuff and actually had conversations with the guy.

A little later the bank contacted me to let me know that it was a credit card fraud, well, that’s a bummer, but I supposed I was protected against stuff like that.

You know, if VISA’s credit card 3d-security fails then Peter London, the bass player of CRASHDÏET is probably not the one to be held responsible. Or?

10 days ago I got another e-mail from the bank where they requested more information regarding one of the purchases above. It’s a little complicated for me to find the exact order so I though OK I do this a little later. Then I forgot about it.

Today our credit card payment provider sent me another e-mail telling me they’ll take the money from us for the purchase above  (€185) because I didn’t send them that info within the 10 days they suggested. Because I forgot to do it. I got in touch with them and they made it clear that there is nothing I can do about it.

So how should I act :

1. Get even more pissed and spend days finding someone to blame and waste all my energy on that.
2. Learn the lesson (if a bank e-mails you the little people like me gotta fucking respond instantly that’s just the way it is) and move on and forget about the $185 (it’s only money anyways) and be happy that you and your family is healthy and all that and that 2013 is gonna be awesome. And that dude in Nigeria is probably wearing our logos and all that right now, doing some great promotion, haha!
3. ……………. type your suggestion here ………..

Any ideas? :)


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