The garbage is gone

… and it feels really good!

I’ve been cleaning out the attic from 08.30 this morning until just now. I’m free from all the junk that’s just been stored for ages. I found a few things that I’ll put on eBay eventually but I can’t say right now when this will happen :P.

I’ve stayed sober and I’m proud about that :). Day 3 now without alcohol. Yes I do miss it a lot but I’ll be strong. I need to lose weight and I need to exercise which means that I definitely had to leave the bottle behind for now. I’ll try to stay sober for 4 weeks. Do you think that I’ll make it? Fuck, even I doubt it. Haha! What should I do instead? Drugs? Or should I work even more? What other options are there? Masturbation? Long walks in the woods? Should just take one day at a time I guess…

I’ll have to go up at 5 tomorrow to go to work so I have to get ready for that Sandman dude now, I’m completely exhausted from running up and down in stairs all day so falling asleep today shouldn’t be too hard!

Luv ya as always!


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