The garbage is gone

… and it feels really good!

I’ve been cleaning out the attic from 08.30 this morning until just now. I’m free from all the junk that’s just been stored for ages. I found a few things that I’ll put on eBay eventually but I can’t say right now when this will happen :P.

I’ve stayed sober and I’m proud about that :). Day 3 now without alcohol. Yes I do miss it a lot but I’ll be strong. I need to lose weight and I need to exercise which means that I definitely had to leave the bottle behind for now. I’ll try to stay sober for 4 weeks. Do you think that I’ll make it? Fuck, even I doubt it. Haha! What should I do instead? Drugs? Or should I work even more? What other options are there? Masturbation? Long walks in the woods? Should just take one day at a time I guess…

I’ll have to go up at 5 tomorrow to go to work so I have to get ready for that Sandman dude now, I’m completely exhausted from running up and down in stairs all day so falling asleep today shouldn’t be too hard!

Luv ya as always!


13 thoughts on “The garbage is gone

  1. “What other options are there? Masturbation?”. YOU MAKE ME SMILE WHEN I NEEDED TO SMILE. THANK YOU PETER LONDON.

    No, you’ll make it! We’re all with you! And walking is good, I love walking with my music!
    We love you too xx

  2. I really care about your health, please stay well! And I hope you were joking about the drugs thing haha
    Love you (:

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAh don’t do drugs thats awful worse than drinking, i think i should do that as well, i mean stay sober for a few weeks as well ;) lol but yeah do other stuff, like music, work, well everything but drugs ahahahah, i don’t need to stop drinking though i train everyday ;P and i believe you can do it ! :D
    luv ya

  4. I believe in you Peter :D
    You´ll make it if you really want to. Just stay strong in this case ;) Hahhaaa, what is there that you can do instead?? No drugs please – Masturbation is better than that :D
    Walking would be great or doing some sports like a fitness workout or so. That´s what I´m doing when I´m bored. It´s also useful when you wanna lose weight, ins´t it ;D . But don´t work more than you even do now. Honestly, when I´m reading what you do your whole day I fell like being lazy although I´m not.

  5. I think if you're going to achieve, because it shows that these stronger, and in your mind that this decision and would like to see you so happy.

  6. 4 weeks? Dammit, that means I better leave that bottle behind next week… Or maybe not, we’ll see. I know you can do it, you are stubborn like that. You don’t need drugs either so stay away from them or you’ll have a nasty problem, namely me!

    You do inspire me to do some cleaning up myself this weekend. It’s about time to leave some more past behind for good.

    Gonna get up in about half an hour as well, meh. Anyway, have a great day and be good.

  7. Hope that Mr. Sandman did let you sleep tonight and you weren’t “sleeping with one eye open, gripping your pillow tight”, just like me last night. Good to hear the garbage (you mean useless things, not the band, right? :P) is gone and you’re free of it ;). Have a nice day and stay sober, we believe you can make it. And you will make it, good luck!

  8. I’m so proud of you Peter!!! That’s so cool that you stopped to drink! =D I’m sure that you can stay sober for 4 weeks or more. Be strong!! Your fans are with you!! I love you. You make me smile when i read your messages =) Thanks <3 <3 I'm sure that the new album will be AWESOME. Circus and Change the world are really amazing. I wish you the best =P

  9. haha in some way,i think u really need Masturbation~ how cute are u~ sleep tight

  10. You’ll do it, i’m sure :D

    Peter, tell me that you joking with the drugs.
    You can read an exciting book, go cycling…
    in the winter you better go ice skating.

    It makes a lot of fun, especially with friends.
    So if you have time, grab the guys and go ice skating. :D
    And do some photos for the blog :)

    I wish you lots of fun and another day without alcohol ;)

  11. You don’t need alcohol, dude. You’re tough! :) You’ll make 4 weeks, no problem. Sometimes I play guitar when I feel like I NEED to drink and it helps…but sometimes I end up drinking AND playing guitar, which sort of defeats the purpose, heh. Then again, I don’t play music for a living (yet!)
    Don’t forget to give us the listings when you put stuff up on Ebay. I’m sure your loyal fans will be happy to buy some of your stuff up. :)

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