Getting rid of things!

I don’t know exactly why, but in the past I had a hard time getting rid of things. Things like personal belongings and stuff. So I kept EVERYTHING. Nowadays I’m trying to be the opposite. I don’t believe in having too much stuff anymore – the less things you have the more free you are damn it! And freedom is what we all ultimately want to achieve here, right? :).

So I’ve spent the last two days going through my stuff – but I still have a looong way to go. Alot of things will just be trashed and the rest will be sold on Ebay. I’ll only keep what matters to me the most. Next year I’ll be living out of a suitcase anyways so why have my home filled with stuff while I’m gone, it makes no sense…

My sleeping patters have improved dramatically lately and I’m seriously thrilled about that!
I’m actually gonna try to catch some sleep right now. Hope it’ll work as good as it did the last 2 nights :)

Good night


16 thoughts on “Getting rid of things!

  1. Hooray for sleeping again! :D

    Good luck cleaning stuff out! It’s much easier said than done, but I’m sure you’ve already learned that, hehe.

  2. It’s awesome that you’re able to sleep again! :) And I totally agree with Mary. :P
    Hah, I suppose that I would have some problems with getting rid of things. I must admit that I keep almost everything, I just can’t throw any of my things. Althought I’m not into tidiness at all, I just love looking at my “collection” and rearranging these things. But well, I know that one day, the time’ll come and I’ll throw useless things out… So sad… :D

    Sleep well and have a great day! :)

  3. Know the feeling. Still have a whole box of useless stuff in the basement. Maybe I should follow your example and kick it out.

    So glad to hear you’re able to sleep again. So good night and sweet dreams ;-)

  4. Hey :) Glad the sleeping has improved. I have 2 boxes of crap from a past life. Maybe I should torch the stuff? Well Nov 5th will soon be here ;) Ebay huh? Well that will be a flurry of activity on there. You recovered yet? :) x

  5. Yayyyy you are sleeping!!! Thats great to hear! I know how you feel about having too much stuff. It has been almost two years that I have moved and I still have a closet filled of stuff that has to go. But of course I rather do other things than clean out my closet ahaha but maybe I should do it soon ;p. Have a good sleep! Hugs and kisses-Rita

  6. Wise words. While I was reading it I realized that it’s completely true. I will try to put it into practice.
    Maybe you use this blog only to tell your experiences but often it makes me think and take many life examples that make me feel good.
    Thank you Peter, you inspire me.

    Love, Mica

  7. good to here that your doing good peter!. Let us know when is some stuff going to be sold on ebay. cant wait for that :) keep on rocken man m/

  8. Jag brukade inte heller kunna kasta bort mins saker men nu är jag också bättre på det :)

  9. Hi Peter, good to hear you’re sleeping way better nowadays. As for keeping things, I also used to keep everything because of sentimental reasons and stuff. A while ago I got rid of many things too and I don’t feel too bad about it. Some of ‘em are in shelves in the basement :P. So that’s a good philosophy from time to time, keep what’s important, say goodbye to the rest :). Your appartment will be grateful ;). Enjoy your day friend!

  10. Yes you’re right :)

    I sometimes find it difficult to part with things.
    But I would not do it, my house would be too crowded :)
    I wish you good succeed with your stuff :D

    I’m happy to hear that you sleep better the last nights. :)
    I hope for you that it will stay that way.

    have a great day Peter :D

  11. oooh I wanna get rid of some things too. But I can´t. Have some photos hanging on my cabinets – they were shot some years ago. On most of them is an old friend, who hurt me deeply, but I still can´t throw those pictures in the bin. Hope someday I will be able to destroy them, but until then I´m getting angry every time I look at them :D It sucks. Really.
    So I wish you good luck with getting rid of things ;)

  12. I really like what you think!
    I also try to keep with me just the essentials.
    everything else I sell the second hand market, especially the clothes!
    better to have a few clothes but beautiful! :)

  13. Hey if you want to get rid of stuff……send me some shit (not literal shit) I would love to say hey I got this from Peter London. Even if they looked at me like who the fuck is Peter London. Of course then I would like at them like wtf is wrong with you……he is amazing and his band Crashdiet are the best =)>.

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